Tips for your first time traveling abroad

If you've never left the country before, you'll probably have a lot of questions while you plan your first international vacation.

If you've never left the country before, you'll probably have a lot of questions when you start to plan your first international vacation. Where should you go? What's the best way to get there, and how will you get around once you've arrived? A lot of this depends on your travel style. If you're all about luxury, lounging and hot weather, there are plenty of options for you - but if you're someone who wants history, culture, natural beauty and adventure at every turn, you may feel it is harder to choose what you want to do. This doesn't have to be the case. If you do your research and keep an open mind, you'll find this combination can lead to plenty of interesting voyages that suit you perfectly.

Where should you go?
Where you end up on your first trip out of the country is a matter of preference. However, thinking in terms of the kind of vacation you want instead of specific destinations can be a great idea. That way, you aren't married to the idea of one place as the only one that will provide your ideal holiday, and can instead seek out features you want in a trip.

Consider why you want to go on vacation. Are you looking for an adventure? Time to relax? A way to get in touch with yourself or your partner? Think of what activities and places could provide you with these elements. You should also give some thought to practicalities like how easy a place is to navigate and whether you and most residents will share a common language. The Scandinavian countries are often overlooked, but English is widely spoken and there is plenty of nature, culture, history and relaxation to go around.

How should you get around abroad?
You could always depend on public transit, taxis or even a rental car on your trip, but these options are often expensive or unreliable. One option you may not have considered is taking a cruise. They're not just for tropical destinations. Instead, you can cruise to Norway and through its fjords, or even follow an old Viking route from the U.K. to Iceland. On a cruise, your accommodations and transportation are both taken care of. You'll also be well fed and given options on how to spend your time, whether you want to experience an art gallery walk or go for a ride with sled dogs. Cruise travel can be a very rewarding way to have a vacation, and it's perfect for your first time out of the country because everything is taken care of for you.