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The beauty of Iceland in spring

As summer winds down, your vacation fantasies may seem like they need to stay on hold for another year.

As summer winds down, your vacation fantasies may seem like they need to stay on hold for another year. Rather than letting this get you down, view this with the perspective it deserves - a whole year to plan your next trip! As you're contemplating cruise travel to all kinds of destinations, don't forget Iceland. This land of myth, legend, hypermodern values and traditional ways of life will leave you breathless (and that's before you even get to the scenery). Consider taking a cruise to Iceland next spring, and see what a marvelous combination the country is in every way. A cruise that circumnavigates Iceland is the perfect opportunity to get to know the country, as most of the habitation is on the coasts and you'll be able to travel well beyond the storied capital.

As you settle in for fall, use dreams of Icelandic spring scenes to get you through the long winter. You can book and plan now and rest assured that you'll have a travel reward waiting for you after all that snow-shoveling and holiday stress. Here's some of what you can look forward to:

Stunning views

The Telegraph recently published a series of pictures of the natural features of Iceland, and it's clear from the photographs that a visit to the country will satisfy nature-lovers and those that are fascinated by unusual features alike. From waterfalls to fields of flowers, Iceland has something for everyone - and due to its location, some parts have ice for those interested in glacial beauty even during the spring months. It's just a matter of looking for it.

Exciting excursions

A trip to Iceland can mean several tours of amazing places - often conducted in very unusual ways. For instance, you can go horseback riding on Icelandic horses in a valley in the middle of the Westfjords mountains, or take in a flightseeing tour to watch glaciers from above.

As you would expect of a cruise, there are also opportunities to take excursions or tours on the water, such as in Lake Myvatn with its waterfalls or Akureyri and the Godafoss waterfall. You can even see whales and puffins on a schooner if you choose. The traveler hungry for adventure will leave Iceland entirely satisfied.