3 Norwegian artists for your travel playlist

Though it's a small country, Norway has a rich musical culture - from ancient times until now.

Though it's a small country, Norway has a rich musical culture - from ancient times until now. If you're interested in a truly authentic playlist to cue up in quiet moments on your Norway cruise, take a look at these recommendations:


While the first thing you think of when you imagine Norwegian music might be black metal, and with good reason, there's actually a strong history of tribal-style music that goes back centuries. Black metal artists tend to draw on this - and some of them give themselves over to it entirely. This is the case with Wardruna, a neoclassical group made up of members of the black metal band Gorgoroth. They record outdoors on vintage instruments. While it may not be your cup of tea, a listen to at least a few of the band's tracks is essential, especially if you're going on a cruise or listening to a lecture that has anything to do with Vikings.

Jenny Hval

If your tastes are a little less in line with new interpretations of Viking music, you might like Jenny Hval. Originally the vocalist of a gothic metal band, Hval now releases solo albums that are ethereal and lyrically interesting. Her earlier albums are under the name Rockettothesky, but the latest two are under her own name. Most recently, she released "Meshes of Voice" with Susanna, another Norwegian artist worth a listen. The album won a Norwegian Grammy in the Open Category, and the two artists will be playing the Kongsberg Jazz Festival in July. The album may just be the perfect thing for quietly watching the Northern Lights play across the sky.

Edvard Grieg

Edvard Grieg (1843-1907) was a major presence in Norwegian music during his lifetime - and indeed a key player in music across the western world. He was one of the founders of Norwegian nationalist music, which makes his work a perfect choice for your Norwegian travel playlist. Even if you're not sure who Grieg is, it's almost certain you've heard "In the Hall of the Mountain King." Grieg drew on the classical musical style in Europe at the time, but also on the folktales and nature of his home. While you're in Norway, you can even visit his home in Bergen.