Heliskiing in Greenland

Greenland boasts the best heliskiing in the world, and for adrenaline addicts, this sport is a dose and a half.

Greenland boasts the best heliskiing in the world, and for adrenaline addicts, this sport is a dose and a half.

Heliskiiing is when the skier is taken up the mountain by helicopter. Travelers who are looking to extend their vacations from Greenland cruises may opt for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. 

The experience

With heliskiing, you'll skip the lift lines, and the lifts in general for that matter. The helicopter will allow you to travel from the basecamp to a mountain peak in a few minutes, while soaking in million-dollar views along the way.

The helicopter drops you at a snowy peak where you are about to experience one of the greatest runs in your lifetime. Skiers and snowboarders drop into more than a mile of untamed, remote powder. To those who have never experienced cutting in waist-deep snow, it feels like you're shredding in pillows of powder. 

Heliskiing is certainly a strong suit in Greenland tourism, and if you love to ski or snowboard, nothing tops it.

Skill level

If you are a strong skier who can complete any black terrain at a major resort, you can move up to heliskiing. Don't worry, you don't have to be able to leap off cliffs, just be in control of your skis in extreme conditions. It also helps if you've carved in deep, dry snow before. 

It's worth pointing out that skis at these places have become much more user-friendly, lending themselves to even advanced-intermediate skiers. 

Best heliskiing places in the country

With a terrain so vast, Greenland heliskiiers have options. 

East Greenland offers mountain expanses and tiny villages that hug the water's edge, along with the icy Denmark Strait where whales, seals and polar bears live throughout the year. The airport village Kulusuk and East Greenland's largest town Tasillaq are the basecamps in the area. Operators tend to bring groups of five to 10 skiers at a time, including a guide. 

In Western Greenland, Alpine stretches just south of the Arctic Circle. Heliskiing in the western part of the country is famous for shredding beside glacial faces and steep transitions. You can even get picked up right by the water of ice-free fjords. Kangaamiut and Maniitsoq are the main heliskiing basecamps of Western Greenland. The maritime nature of the snow pack makes avalanche hazard a minimal threat. 

Best season

April and May (sometimes March) are typically the prime months to experience premier heliskiing. Since heliskiing operators fill up even a year in advance, it's never to soon to book your next adventure.

From late May, the midnight sun means you can hit the slopes day and night. There is little doubt that this is a ski lover's dream. 

Local culture

Aside from enjoying the slopes themselves, travelers can take advantage of an authentic slice of culture by staying so close to local populations. The small villages are generally known as hunting and fishing communities where you can chat with the natives who have called this rugged land their home for thousands of years. 

Can't get enough adventure? During the heliskiiing season you can add snowmobiling or dogsledding to your list.