Behold the Beauty of Sisimiut: Greenland's Second Largest Town

Take a look at just some of the attractions Sisimiut, which is known for being a destination for adventurers, has to offer.

On a cruise up and down the coast of Greenland, you'll be treated to scenery and wildlife you may have never imagined seeing before. From massive glaciers in artistically whimsical shapes to beautiful fjords and, of course, quaint ocean-side towns, a Hurtigruten Greenland expedition cruise  is an experience you'll never forget. And that's just what you can see from the boat! Visiting each coastal town, all of which were specifically chosen for their authenticity and beauty, will let you experience Greenland in a way you couldn't from other land or water travels. 

One such seaside town that most Hurtigruten Greenland voyages include is Sisimiut, a picturesque site with a remarkable history. Sisimiut has been inhabited for more than 4,500 years and is now home to around 5,500 native Greenlanders, making it the second largest town in the country. Take a look at just some of the attractions Sisimiut, which is known for being a destination for adventurers, has to offer:

View the beautiful scenery on a hike

Hiking is one of the most popular activities in Sisimiut, especially during the summer, when trails take visitors into historic Inuit territory, where people have lived and hiked for thousands of years. On some excursions, evidence of those early Inuit settlers appears in artifacts and ruins along the trail. But that's not the only reason to take a hike in this Greenland town. The site is also known for its stunning views of the ocean and the Nasaasaaq mountain to the south.

See the Sisimiut Museum

Any trip to Sisimiut should include a visit to the Sisimiut Museum - and not just because it's in a number of 18th century colonial homes that are themselves a sight to see. The museum gives visitors a glimpse into the diverse history and traditions of the town and region. You'll see artifacts gathered from Saqqaq settlements, exhibitions of historic and modern dogsleds and hunting tools and even a reconstruction of a peat house - representative of the dwellings Sisimiut residents used to live in. 

Buy arts at a local market

One of the best parts about visiting Sisimiut is perusing the local handicraft markets, which contain handmade crafts, including everything from jewelry to hats and gloves. Walk through the markets in town and you'll find some of the most authentic artistic creations made of reindeer antlers, seal skin, walrus tusks and more. Many shops sell small tupilaq statues - monsters carved into animal bones which were once used by native Inuits to avenge their enemies. These statues are now made of local materials, such as tusks and antlers, and are a very popular souvenir for tourists.

Tour Sisimiut by boat

During a daytrip to the town, Hurtigruten offers a boat trip, for those who want to tour this city from the water. The boat tour provides an introduction to the city, and lovely views of Sisimiut's colorful buildings and harbor (which is considered the hub of the town). Though many attractions in Sisimiut, including hiking and dogsledding, require a rather active fitness level, the boat tour is perfect for passengers who would rather relax before a quiet tour of the settlement by the harbor.

Eat local Greenlandic fare

Sisimiut provides an authentic Greenland experience, which means the restaurants and market serve food made from only the freshest local ingredients. You can visit the fish and meat market called Qimatulivik for a more casual dining experience, or head over to the Hotel Sisimiut to eat at Restaurant Nasaasaaq. The renowned restaurant uses Greenland's fresh ingredients to make all of its delicious dishes. 

Sisimiut has much more to offer visitors, no matter what season you're traveling, so enjoy exploring this beautiful coastal town on your Hurtigruten voyage! Don't forget to bring a map of the city and some local currency, as most local markets and museums only accept payment in cash. 

Note: Excursions may vary from season to season. Please see our Excursions page  for all available excursions.