4 ways to explore the Greenland Ice Sheet

When on your Greenland cruise, be sure to check out its famous ice sheet.

When on your Greenland cruise, be sure to check out its famous ice sheet. This is only one of two ice sheets left in the entire world, and it covers 80 percent of Greenland's land area. It also makes up 10 percent of the world's fresh water reserves. At 3-kilometers thick, this sheet of ice is a breathtaking attraction, boasting a dazzling combination of blues and greens, and deep, jagged cracks that seem to never end. It's quite a sight to see. As if the physicality of the ice sheet isn't enough to make your jaw drop, the fact that this formation is 18 million years old and from the last ice age certainly will. You'll be walking on a piece of history.

This remarkable Greenland attraction is melting quickly, according to researchers. They believe that each year, the ice loses more mass than is being created. Don't miss your chance to see the Greenland Ice Sheet while it's still intact. Enhance your arctic adventure by exploring Greenland's ice sheet in any of these unique ways:


Admire the Greenland Ice Cap on foot by hiking along the glaciers, getting up close and personal with the glaciers and the meltwater lakes. Bring along some food to enjoy your lunch with the amazing views of the ice cap surrounding you. You may even choose to stay overnight on the ice cap.


The Greenland Ice Cap can also be accessed by water. Sail around glaciers and icebergs go get a unique perspective of the destination.


See the Ice Cap from above by touring it from a helicopter. This form of transportation provides a stunning view where you can spot wildlife traveling in large groups. Because the Ice Cap covers a whole lot of ground, you'll be able to see the vast majority of it from up in the air.

The glaciers will appear even more magnificent and impressive than when you're on the ground. You can also travel in one of Air Zafari's small airplanes.

Dog sled

Take in the sights as you are pulled along the ice cap in a sled led by dogs. How often do you get to say that you traveled somewhere by dog sled instead of a car, bus or train? It's a truly unique way to experience Greenland's culture. Bring along a cup of hot tea to stay warm and cozy along the way.