Norway Expedition Team
Expedition Trip with Hurtigruten Photo: Ørjan Bertelsen Photo

Travel With Our Expedition Teams

Imagine being on deck surrounded by a group of people bursting with excitement in anticipation of what the day will bring.

Enjoy the sight of crystal-clear waters stretching out down the fjord, surrounded by majestic mountain
peaks. Then, the expedition leader welcomes you ashore, and your adventure begins. With Hurtigruten, you can now join expeditions along Norway’s rugged coast. On specially designed ships, you will find skilled expedition team members who are dedicated to giving you the most exciting experiences. They host lectures and presentations, lead special activities, and guide you on excursions and scenic hikes.


Hurtigruten’s expedition team will present lectures on subjects such as biology, history, and geology. However, they are not just skilled lecturers; they are also your hosts on board and on land. They are hand-picked for their local expertise and specific knowledge in relevant fields. They are also known for their enthusiasm, curiosity, and love for the areas we visit. Furthermore, the expedition team members are focused on eco-friendly tourism in polar areas. They will take you on hikes and ensure that you get the most out of the experience while leaving the smallest environmental footprint possible. Our expedition team consists of modern-day explorers who love sharing stories, interpreting what they see, and leading you to all the best spots that most travelers miss.


We Norwegians are known for our obsession with the outdoors. The term ‘Friluftsliv’ reflects our longing to be outside as a way of life and is part of our cultural identity. It is in our blood. We offer a Hiking Pass to inspire this same feeling in our guests. The focus on these hikes is not to be lectured on local history and other facts. The focus is on the hike itself, and the journey to reach a scenic viewpoint or another point of interest. We focus on the quiet ambience of being outdoors, the sights and the smells, and simply living in the moment. Some of these hikes are physically demanding, so good physical condition is required. The terrain will be variable, sometimes slippery and uneven. In April and October/ November, we will focus on the Norwegian concept of ‘Friluftsliv’ on some of our new excursions, where the emphasis will be on experiencing nature the way Norwegians do and learning how to survive in the Arctic wilderness.


Our hikes, activities, and lectures are always offered in English. Before lectures, written summaries will also be provided in Norwegian, German, and French. 


Before going on a hike, you should plan your equipment based on the season and the weather forecast. As a year-round rule of thumb, you should pack high-quality walking shoes or boots suitable for rainy and muddy conditions. A hooded windand waterproof jacket, hiking pants, gloves, a hat, a water bottle, and sunglasses are also recommended. It’s also a good idea to bring a pair of lightweight binoculars and a camera.