Come Aboard and Be Part of Norway

Enjoy Life While Exploring the Coast

When you start your journey on a Hurtigruten coastal ship, the first thing you will notice is the atmosphere on board. As the peace and tranquility of the scenery and relaxed pace takes hold, you will find your senses enhanced to everything around you.

All of our ships include large lounges and deck space affording perfect views to the changing scenery, creating a proximity to nature throughout the ship. This atmosphere gives you the energy to participate on our onboard activities and excursions that take you even closer to the coast.

From the moment you step on board, you will be treated to active days and relaxing evenings, sublime cuisine, and the warm company of like-minded adventurers. Our friendly and attentive staff help to create a relaxed atmosphere between the crew and guests. It’s a journey unlike any other.

No matter the itinerary, the way you want to explore the coast, or the ship on which you want to travel, on a Hurtigruten voyage you don’t just visit Norway - you become a part of it.

Experience Authentic Norway - and the Energy Created by Nature

Once you're on board, and have slipped into your new, Norwegian state of mind, you will be amazed at the level of excitement in the air with each stunning landscape, each new sighting, and the anticipation of the next port.

The energy created by our unique closeness to dramatic landscapes and interesting cultures is buzzing in the ship’s cafe, in the panorama lounge, out on deck, at mealtimes, and prior to docking, when people congregate for excursions and the next adventure.

Even at our smaller ports, there is great interest at the site of the dockside suddenly springing to life with forklift trucks whizzing to the ship with supplies, watching harbor workers share jokes and stories with our crew, or local people welcoming or bidding farewell to friends and family.

You’ll realize right away, this is no ‘mainstream’ cruise experience, but a mixture of local life and real travel where what you see is truly authentic.