A Different Kind of Cruise

What makes Hurtigruten such a unique cruise experience? On a Hurtigruten voyage, you don’t just visit Norway, you become part of it.

A Different Purpose from the Very Start

To convey the Hurtigruten difference, perhaps it would be easiest to first tell exactly what our purpose is not. Unlike virtually all mainstream cruise options to Norway, Hurtigruten’s key purpose does not include the indulgence-based priorities of a floating resort full of entertainment options, excessive dining, and on-board shopping.

Simply put, just about everything is different from a conventional cruise. Each Hurtigruten departure is a purposeful voyage providing a transportation lifeline between cities and villages while exploring stunning fjords and UNESCO World Heritage Sites along the more than 1,000 miles of Norway’s pristine coastal waterway. This mixture of local encounters, spectacular scenery, and utterly unique shore activities provides an unmatched opportunity to experience and interact with the beauty and charm of Norway and its people.

The People You Touch Along the Way

One of the great pleasures on board Hurtigruten in Norway is that you encounter local residents, the Norwegian crew, and travelers from different countries – all with various reasons for being on board. This creates a wonderful setting for a unique blend of personal encounters. Travelers are there to connect with the natural world and are eager to share their culture and heritage.

What We Mean by 'Authentic'

Who else can bring to life the nature of the people and the enchantment of this country than the locals themselves? Steeped in Viking heritage and the roots of its culture and history, Hurtigruten has been an active part of these coastal waterways for 120 years. Norway is quite literally “in our DNA” - impossible to replace - impossible to copy. 

Our history goes back to 1893 when Richard With, along with Norway’s polar heroes, Nansen and Amundsen, became one of the nation’s maritime pioneers providing a service for everyone – freight transporters, local people, and foreign tourists. Hurtigruten is now a national treasure in its own right. Our “DNA” makes us the real thing, providing meaningful experiences and unique adventures to explore and learn about Norwegian nature and its local culture.