Experts in Polar Waters

There is no single factor more important for the safety of the ship and our guests in polar waters than the qualifications and experience of the captain and crew.

Hurtigruten holds the highest maritime reputation, and there is only one way to develop such high esteem: by combining years of operation, hours at sea, and generations of immersion in the philosophy and traditions of polar water exploration. For years, Hurtigruten has trained the pilots required to escort vessels into some of the most sensitive and pristine polar waters.


Hurtigruten, and its captains and crew, is the only company to operate year-round on polar itineraries. Unlike other operations, the ship, captain, and crew do not deploy to the Mediterranean or the South Pacific or other non-polar parts of the world in the ‘off’ season. This fact alone creates an exclusive level of dedicated expertise not found with any other polar expedition operator.