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Island Exploration and Sea Cave Concert

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime event – a musical concert inside of a sea cave in the Træna archipelago. Before the main event, explore the astonishingly beautiful nature of these islands and get to know the local community and history.

Included in your cruise
  • Explore the magical islands of Træna
  • Get to know one of Norway’s oldest communities
  • Experience a musical concert in a sea cave
  • Join a once-in-a-lifetime event
  • Difficulty level

    Level 2: Easy

  • Duration

    4 hours

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This trip to the island of Sanna, in the archipelago of Træna, is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

You’ll start with a short boat trip from the nearby island of Husøy to Sanna, an astonishingly beautiful community located in a spectacular landscape right along the Arctic Circle. This island is known for being one of the oldest settlements in Norway, dating back 9000 years. 

On Sanna, you’ll have some time to explore. Stroll through the characteristic small houses, get a taste of the local seafood, or just wander around the island and beaches. If you are feeling up for a hike, head to the top of the mountains for a dramatic and beautiful view over the archipelago.  

After some time, the concert begins. Gather around the cathedralic cave “Kirkhelleren,” where you will close your time on Sanna with an intimate musical concert featuring a local artist. 

This combination of dramatic nature, fascinating history, and this magical musical event will be a highlight of your voyage and a memory to treasure.  

Practical Information:

  • Remarks/requirements: Comfortable walking shoes, backpack, and water bottle recommended.  
  • Walking information: At guests’ discretion. Guests will be tendered ashore. 
  • Language: English and Norwegian