Arctic Coastal Walk

Enjoy a guided walk along the coast in Bodø and learn how a love of nature and the outdoors is an integral part of Norwegian culture.

  • Get close to Arctic nature and see beautiful sights.
  • Learn about the culture, history, and geology of the Norwegian coast.
  • Be guided and informed by knowledgeable local guides
  • See Viking graves and discover more about Viking history.
  • Season

    All year

  • Difficulty level

    Level 3: Active - good mobility needed

  • Duration

    2 hours, 10 minutes

  • Min. passengers


  • Max. passengers


  • Booking Code


  • From

    $ 145

  • Notices

    The walk is approximately 1.9 miles long

Join us for a guided walk along the Norwegian coast and gain a deeper appreciation for the country’s dependence on the ocean. Experienced guides will take you on pathways along the shore and across sandy beaches, pointing out interesting views or wildlife species along the way. Perhaps you’ll spot an eagle flying over the sea, or even an Arctic fox foraging for food.

Many Viking graves have been discovered over the years along this coastline. They typically appear as grassy knolls, hiding history and Nordic heritage. Our guides will take you to see one of them. As you walk together, they’ll share their knowledge of Bodø’s history and of the geology of the coast.

A devotion to nature and being in harmony with it is deeply ingrained in Norwegian culture. This is encapsulated by the word ‘friluftsliv’, a Norwegian expression roughly translated as ‘outdoor life’. As you listen to the waves and feel the fresh air on your skin, you’ll no doubt gain a greater understanding of this word.


  • Disembarking port: Bodø
  • Embarking Port: Bodø
  • Available: January 2–December 30, except December 24–26
  • Transportation: Bus
  • Clothes: Hiking shoes, warm and windproof clothing
  • Walking sticks and spikes are provided upon request