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Bird Safari and North Cape Visit

See puffins, gannets, kittiwakes, and more from as close as you can get to one of the largest bird cliffs in all of Norway. Join this excursion to enjoy the fascinating bird fauna of the region.

  • Wildlife.
  • Gjesværstappan Nature Reserve.
  • Birdlife.
  • Idyllic fishing village with panoramic view of islands.
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    Level 1: For everyone*

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    $ 172

This excursion combines a visit to the North Cape with an unforgettable bird safari. The North Cape itself is at the outermost point of the continent. It is located at 71 degrees north and it is one of the natural highlights on the journey. On our way there, we’ll travel through a magnificent subarctic landscape. During the summer, if we are lucky, we might see grazing reindeer. The North Cape plateau rises 1,014 feet out of the North Sea. The visitor center, North Cape Hall, is a modern center where you can enjoy a movie in a wide-screen format about the North Cape and the region throughout the four seasons. Inside the cliff, there is a souvenir shop, a lookout point, a chapel, and a Thai museum. The journey continues to the fishing village of Gjesvær, which has approximately 130 inhabitants. There, you will board the boat MS Havsula or MS Lundekongen and head out to the Gjesværstappan nature reserve, just 9.3 miles west of the North Cape. This nature reserve has one of the largest bird colonies in Northern Norway. We cannot set foot on the bird rocks, but from the boat you can observe our region’s largest colony of puffins and large numbers of kittiwakes, gannets, shags, and cormorants. Observe sea eagles soaring high in search of prey.

Practical information:

  • Language: German and English

  • Walking information: No walking is involved.