Eastport Town Package

Discover historic Eastport, one of the USA’s oldest trading towns. This small fishing community will make you feel welcome and help you discover what life is like in Eastport.

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    Level 2: Easy

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Remote communities that are seldom visited by travelers do not have the tourist-related infrastructure common in bigger ports.

We’re off the beaten track, so don’t expect professional guides, tour buses, or fancy souvenir shops. This is precisely what makes these isolated settlements so charming. We will likely land at these places in small boats (RIBs), meet the representatives of the community at the landing site, and be guided by locals who are eager to show us the best of their villages.

We may enjoy a singing or dance performance, taste local food, see craft demonstrations, visit a small museum, enter a church, see the social center, or stroll through the local market. Whatever they prepare for us, it is sure to be a unique experience prepared from the bottom of their hearts.

Eastport is one of the USA’s most historic port towns, which once rivalled New York as a trading hub along the North America’s eastern seaboard. Today, the town is small and focused on fishing, with a lively community eager to welcome you.

Practical information:

  • Language: English
  • Wheelchair accessible: Yes