Patreksfjördur - Splendid Combination

Admire the beauty and culture of the Westfjords with a scenic drive and walking tour, featuring the powerful Dynjandi Waterfall and the Sea Monster Museum in Bíldudalur.

  • Experience the most beautiful fjord in the Westfjords
  • Visit Dynjandi Waterfall, one of the most stunning in Iceland
  • English-speaking guide
  • Hear fascinating folklore tales at the Sea Monster Museum
  • Difficulty level

    Level 2: Easy

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    $ 252

  • Notices

    Layered clothing recommended with non-slip footwear.

Arnarfjörður is widely considered the most attractive fjord in the Westfjords. Why wouldn’t it be? It has a diverse landscape, magnificent mountains, and the impressive waterfall of Dynjandi, one of the most beautiful cascades in Iceland.

Admire Kaldbakur, the highest mountain in the Westfjords. Then soak your feet in remote hot springs surrounded by beautiful Icelandic nature. The great Dynjandi is the largest waterfall in the Westfjords, about 328 feet high and up to 200 feet wide. A hiking path leads up to the central gorge of the falls, allowing visitors to come close enough to touch the water as it tumbles down into the depths. The lively nearby village of Bíldudalur boasts an active cultural life with The Sea Monster Museum, which illustrates tales of the sea monsters that played a central role in Icelandic folk culture for centuries.

Practical information:

  • Requirements: Layered clothing recommended with non-slip footwear.
  • Walking information: Mainly on paved flat surfaces, some incline and a few steps around the village. Walking: approx. 1 mile, with approximately 3 hrs of drive time
  • Not suitable for wheelchair users
  • Language: English