Fort Boyard, an ancient prison. A grey building / fort surrounded by water in Ile d'Aix, France.

Small boat cruising around Fort Boyard

Sail around 19th-century fortress of Fort Boyard and land on a small boat (RIB) at île d’Aix.

Included in your cruise
  • Sail around the 19th-century fortress of Fort Boyard.
  • Enjoy an small boat (RIB) landing.
  • Difficulty level

    Level 1: For everyone*

  • Duration

    30 mins

  • Booking Code


  • Notices

    Warm clothing and comfortable walking shoes.

Fort Boyard is a small island fortress just 74 yards long and 34 yards wide, built over an artificial platform set on an underwater bank. The fort is completely surrounded by water and stands alone in the middle of the sea between Île d’Aix and Île d’Oléron, protecting the approaches to the arsenal of Rochefort. Due to its challenging location, construction took over 50 years, from 1801 to 1857.

While tendering you to Île d’Aix, we will take a detour at the fort, sail around its small perimeter, and then continue toward our landing site. We could also do it in reverse by sailing around the fort on our way back to the ship.