Giant’s Causeway Ranger

Ranger Discovery Tour – Giant’s Causeway

Enjoy a spectacular visit to the Giant’s Causeway, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • UNESCO World Heritage Site – Giant’s Causeway.
  • Ranger-guided discovery tour of the Giant’s Causeway
  • Learn about the area’s mythology, history, and geology.
  • Flora and fauna
  • Difficulty level

    Level 3: Medium

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    $ 172

  • Notices

    Appropriate warm layered, waterproof clothing and comfortable non-slip walking shoes

Enjoy a spectacular visit to the Giant’s Causeway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The visitor’s center will allow you to decide for yourself the most likely (or most interesting) way the causeway’s 40,000 basalt stones could have been formed. Understand the Causeway’s significance through stories about its mythology, history, geology, flora, and fauna. Then make your way to the stones themselves. For centuries, visitors have marveled at its majesty and mystery. For millions of years, the unique rock formations have stood as a natural rampart against the unbridled ferocity of the Atlantic storms. The rugged symmetry of the columns never fails to intrigue and inspire.

Your guided tour allows you to delve deeper into this magnificent natural landmark with a member of the conservation team, who will provide an intimate look at some of the special wildflowers and wildlife found here. At key locations, step off the beaten path to look at unusual plants and animals that have adapted to life on the Atlantic shore. There will be opportunities to see some of the tiny insects that make their homes here, including Britain’s smallest moth, found nowhere else in Northern Ireland. You may also be able to see the fluffy fulmar chicks (seabirds in the albatross family) through a telescope, provided they have not flown away.

To stroll the Giants Causeway is to travel back in time. Let your imagination leap along stepping-stones leading to a bygone volcanic age and into the myths and legends of the past.

Then you return to Ballycastle for your return ferry back to Rathlin Island.

Practical information:

  • Language: English.

  • Remarks/requirements: Appropriate warm layered, waterproof clothing and comfortable non-slip walking shoes

  • Walking information: Approximately a half-mile over uneven surfaces at the Giant’s Causeway Guests must be able to walk between the visitor center and the stones. This involves a steep incline of an additional half-mile, approximately.

  • Wheelchair accessible: No.