National Parks of South America & Galapagos Island

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Departure date
14 days

Come on an active expedition cruise south along the Pacific Coast to discover the cultural charms of Latin America from vibrant cities to natural wildlife sanctuaries, and explore the wildlife-rich Galápagos Islands.

Join this expedition cruise along the Pacific Coast southbound from Costa Rica to Peru, uncovering ancient archaeological sites and exceptionally beautiful national reserves, and explore the unique Galápagos Islands that inspired the Theory of Evolution

Our small ships mean we can take you to where larger ships can’t, giving you a mix of places to explore, from cities to remote islands. At times, due to weather, we may need to change or cancel our plan for that day. Rest assured that this is all part of what it is to be on an authentic adventure in this exotic region. 

Paradises in Costa Rica, Panama, and Ecuador  

From Puntarenas we’ll journey to Quepos and Golfito, two ports that give access to nearby Costa Rican national parks full of scenic habitats and animal life such as toucans, iguana, sloths, monkeys and a range of seabirds. We stop at Manta to visit Montecristi, where classic Panama hats were invented and still handmade to this day. And while in Puerto Bolivar we learn about the historical importance of the oro verde for the local economy.  

Peruvian pyramids  

First call in Peru will be at Salaverry, where you can tour the ancient temple and city ruins around Trujillo. You will end the expedition cruise in Lima, the UNESCO-listed capital of Peru.   

Quito and the Galápagos Islands 

After flying to Ecuador’s capital Quito and enjoying wandering around its UNESCO-listed historic centre, we continue to Santa Cruz Island in the Galápagos. Over the next two days, you’ll board boats and tour a new island in the archipelago each day, uncovering the supreme biological diversity these islands are known for. Keep your eyes peeled to spot the finches that inspired Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection and maybe see native giant land tortoises in their natural habitat.

What's Included

Land-Program Galápagos Island after the expedition cruise  

Expedition Cruise 

Onboard Activities 

Route overview

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Beginning of your exotic expedition

Day 1

Costa Rica’s favorite paradise

Day 2

From Bananas to Bargains

Day 3

Serenity at sea

Day 4

Sea, sand, surf… and tuna?

Day 5

Growing green gold

Day 6

At your leisure

Day 7

An archaeologist’s dream

Day 8

On a high 

Day 9

Views from the Middle of the World

Day 10

Arriving at Santa Cruz Island  

Day 11

Galápagos Island Hopping 

Day 12–13

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