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Join a beach clean-up in Douglas on the Isle of Man and help keep a UNESCO Biosphere area litter-free.
  • Join the Beach Buddies community, an international beach-cleaning volunteer group of 15,000

  • Take part in a beach clean-up, removing litter from the beaches in Douglas

  • Give back to nature and get to know the local community

Protect Manx beaches  

Take part in a local beach clean-up in Douglas, led by Beach Buddies. The group started on the island and has grown into an international group numbering 15,000 volunteers. Along with other local people, you’ll remove litter from Douglas’s beautiful beaches, and help to protect this precious UNESCO Biosphere. As you do so, you’ll learn more about the Manx culture, heritage and sense of community.

Practical information

Practical information:

  • Remarks: Appropriate clothing and comfortable walking shoes.

  • Language: English.

  • Walking information: At guests’ discretion.

  • Wheelchair accessible: No.

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