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Community package prepared by a representative of the native Kawesqar community.
  • Explore the little and isolated village of Puerto Eden.

  • Meet the Kawesqar, the native canoe people of the Chilean fjords.

Remote communities seldom visited by travellers don’t have the typical tourist-related infrastructure common on bigger ports.   

Off the beaten track don’t expect professional guides, tour buses, or fancy souvenir shops, but this is precisely the charm of these isolated settlements.  In these places, we will likely land in small expedition boats, meet the representatives of the community at the landing site, and be guided by locals eager to show us the best of their villages.   

We may get the chance to enjoy a singing or dance performance, a taste of local food, or a craft demonstration, visit a small museum, enter a church, see the social centre, or stroll through the local market. Whatever they prepare for us, be sure that it will be a unique experience prepared from the bottom of their hearts.

Practical information

Practical information: 

  • Language: Spanish, some locals might speak English.

  • Remarks/requirements: It is recommendable to wear layered clothing, a windbreaker, rain jacket and good walking shoes. Rain showers are common and unpredictable.   

  • Walking information: Walking over unpaved terrain and boardwalks. 

  • Wheelchair accessible: No.