Humberstone & Santa Laura






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In the Atacama Desert in Chile, you’ll find the nitrate ghost towns of Santa Laura and Humberstone.
  • Visit Santa Laura, a nitrate town that operated from 1872 until 1960

  • See Humberstone, founded in 1862, and its theatre with the seats still in place

  • Admire Humberstone’s hotel, general store, administration buildings and swimming pool

  • Experience the splendour of this important period in Chile's history, the 'Nitrate Age’

Saltpeter refineries

Leave the pier and enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of Iquique with its stunning beaches and the ridged Cerro Dragón. Continue through the magical and indescribable Atacama Desert.  Marvel at the ghost towns Santa Laura and Humberstone, both declared historical national monuments. Learn about the saltpeter refineries and hear the hitstory. This experience will take you back in time.

Practical information

  • Included: One bottle of water per person.

  • Requirements: Lightweight, comfortable clothing, and bring sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses. 

  • Walking information: Long periods of standing and walking under the sun.

  • Wheelchair accessible: No.

  • Language: English.