Tromsø - Oslo

Arctic Circle and Norway’s Capital

Arctic Circle and Norway’s Capital

Tromsø - Oslo

Arctic Circle and Norway’s Capital

Arctic Circle and Norway’s Capital

Travel information 7 days MS Trollfjord
8 departures between Oct 2023 and Mar 2024
Price from $ 3,621
$ 2,699
Breakfast, lunch and dinner included
  • Sail the Norwegian coast – one of the world’s longest coastlines – from above the Arctic Circle in Tromsø down to the capital city of Oslo.
  • Come aboard the exceptional MS Trollfjord, freshly renovated in 2023 with the finest materials and craftsmanship.
  • Learn about the communities that stretch along the coast and join in on exciting optional excursions that change according to the season.
  • Sail in fall, winter, or spring. Experience a warmer climate in the south, snow-covered mountains, and maybe even the Northern Lights in the Arctic.
Arctic Circle and Norway’s Capital

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Join the North Cape Express in the beautiful city of Tromsø for an unforgettable cruise in fall, winter, or spring. See the stunning beauty of the Norwegian coast. Start from Tromsø, above the Arctic Circle, and make your way down to Norway’s southernmost point at Lindesnes before reaching the modern capital of Oslo.

DAY 1 : Tromsø

Summer in Tromsø
Photo: Suranga Weeratuna / Alamy Stock Photo

Your Nordic adventure begins in Tromsø, the Arctic Capital. Often called the ‘gateway to the Arctic,’ Tromsø is Norway’s northernmost city. It buzzes with everything from trendy restaurants and cafés to boutique shops selling local crafts and produce.

Sitting around 217 miles north of the Arctic Circle, the city usually has a blanket of snow in the spring and winter, giving it the look and feel of a winter wonderland – one that reflects the northern lights when they appear.

Once we’ve welcomed you aboard MS Trollfjord and you’ve settled into your cabin or suite, you’ll meet your Coastal Experience Team. Meet each member of the team as they give lectures and organize onboard activities throughout your cruise.

Summer in Tromsø
Photo: Suranga Weeratuna / Alamy Stock Photo
Arctic Cathedral and Tromso Bridge
Photo: Posnov / Getty Images

DAY 2 : Tromsø

The gateway to the Arctic

Today, you’ll get the chance to see more of the Arctic Capital before joining MS Trollfjord in the afternoon. 

As part of an inclusive sightseeing tour, you’ll visit three of Tromsø’s most famous attractions: the Arctic Cathedral, Polaria centre, and Mount Storsteinen. 

We start by giving you a birds-eye view of the city with a cable-car ride up to the mountain ledge at Storsteinen, some 420 metres above sea level. From the viewing platform at the upper station, you can enjoy spectacular panoramic views of Tromsø and the surrounding islands, mountains, and fjords.  

The tour continues to the famous Arctic Cathedral, an architectural masterpiece and town landmark. The modern building stands out in the cityscape due to its striking design and impressive stained-glass window.  

We will also visit the Polaria centre, where you’ll find an Arctic aquarium, educational displays, and a panoramic cinema. The cinema screens a movie focused on polar wildlife and habitats, while at the pool, you can watch seals play and feed. 

DAY 3 : Stokmarknes and Svolvær

Lofoten islands and our historic birthplace

Hurtigruten Museum in winter
Photo: Wr Sakdi Siri Phaph / EyeEm | Getty Images

After your first night on the ship, we arrive at Lofoten, a striking group of islands that rise out of the Norwegian Sea. As soon as you see the towering peaks around you with fishing villages clinging to their sides, you’ll understand why this island chain is so often praised as one of Norway’s most stunning locations.

We can’t visit the area without spending some time in Stokmarknes. This historic town is part of Vesterålen, an archipelago just northeast of Lofoten. For us, this place is particularly special. Shipping pioneer Richard With founded the Original Coastal Express here in 1893.

The Coastal Express soon became a lifeline for Norway’s remote coastal communities. Fittingly, our legacy has been immortalized in the place where it all began. Standing on the waterfront, you’ll find our 1956 ship MS Finnmarken, encased in a glass building like a ship in a bottle.

This is Hurtigrutemuseet, the museum that chronicles our history as Norway’s leading expedition cruise line. On a guided tour, explore the retired vessel and experience the atmosphere of a bygone era.

We’ll dock in the town of Svolvær in the afternoon. Located on the island of Austvågøya in the south of Lofoten, Svolvær is the biggest town of the archipelago, humming with shops, restaurants, galleries, and cafés. You can also admire views of the Svolvær Goat, a nearby mountain that resembles a goat and its horns.

A variety of optional excursions are available from Svolvær, including snowshoe hikes, scenic bus tours to Lofoten’s highlights, or an exhilarating horse ride along a white sandy beach.

Optional Excursions
  • The Coastal Express Heritage Tour
    Take an exclusive tour of the Hurtigruten Museum, which houses one of our retired ship, in our birthplace of Stokmarknes.
  • Best of Vesterålen Winter - History, Arts, & Culture Tour
    Experience breathtaking views, rich culture, and coastal heritage on a bus tour of the stunning Vesterålen archipelago.
  • Lofoten Winter – Art, Aquarium, and Henningsvær
    See history, marine life, and timeless art in SKREI, and soak up the fishing village atmosphere of Henningsvær.
  • Kayaking in Lofoten - Winter
    Take to the water and see Svolvær’s coastline from a different perspective as you follow a local guide and paddle aboard your own two-person kayak.
Hurtigruten Museum in winter
Photo: Wr Sakdi Siri Phaph / EyeEm | Getty Images
A woman visiting the Hurtigruten Museum in Stokmarknes
Photo: Eirik Linder Aspelund
Torghatten in winter
Photo: Jan Hvizdal
 Hurtigruten guests on a hike to Torghatten
Photo: Raymond Engmark / Hurtigruten Norwegian Coastal Express

DAY 4 : Brønnøysund

Nordic nature like no other

Torghatten in winter
Photo: Jan Hvizdal

Surrounded by islands and water, Brønnøysund sits on a narrow peninsula that juts out from the mainland. Around 5,000 people live in this small town, many in colorful houses against a backdrop of gentle slopes and dramatic mountain peaks.

Enjoy the bustling atmosphere of the harbor and stroll along Havnegata. Drop into one of the pubs for a snack, or treat yourself to a meal in a local restaurant. Wander the visitors’ marina, or visit an 1870 stone church built in neo-Gothic style. For some extra excitement, you may be able to go kayaking or island-hopping on an RIB safari.

You can also look forward to visiting the Vega Islands. This island chain is made up of over 6,500 islands, reefs, and skerries, and signs of inhabitance date back to the Stone Age. The archipelago received UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 2004 in recognition of the sustainable lifestyle led by generations of islanders and their practice of farming eider down.

On an island south of Brønnøysund, you’ll find Torghatten mountain, recognizable by a natural tunnel that runs through the center. According to local lore, the hole is the result of a troll who fired an arrow at a young woman who rejected his advances. As the Troll King threw his hat to protect her, the sun began to rise, turning the hat to stone with a hole in the middle from the arrow.

On an optional excursion, you can hike an hour up to the hole in the mountain. Peer through the tunnel and enjoy the view of the surrounding islands.

Optional Excursions
  • Legends of Torghatten and Brønnøysund by Bus - Winter
    See Brønnøysund’s sights by bus and then follow in the footsteps of trolls to a mythical mountain with a hole through its middle.  
  • Winter’s Walk and Mini-Concert in Brønnøysund
    Discover Brønnøysund’s fascinating history, geology, and musical talent on this guided winter walk through the town’s highlights.

DAY 5 : Ålesund

A picturesque town

Ålesund during winter
Photo: Jan Hvizdal

After a hearty breakfast on the ship, we’ll dock mid-morning at Ålesund, a town that spreads out across a string of islands.

As we approach the shore, you might notice the distinctive architecture. Every detail of the buildings, from the bright colors to the rounded spires, were inspired by art nouveau style, which was popular in the early 1900s. Almost the entire town received a makeover in the style when it was rebuilt after a major fire in 1904.

As you leave the waterfront, you’ll enter a fairy-tale town, filled with narrow streets lined with unique houses. If you don’t fill up your camera’s memory card with this, snap some impressive photos of the archipelago from the nearby Mount Aksla viewpoint. The 418 steps leading there might look intimidating, but the views are well worth the effort.

You can also visit the Atlantic Sea Park, Norway’s first marine science center. This is one of Northern Europe’s largest saltwater aquariums, providing a home to seals, otters, and crabs, as well as many other kinds of marine life. You can even see Humboldt Penguins here, a species otherwise absent north of the equator.

Optional activities may include a fjord tour of either Geirangerfjord or Hjørundfjord. If weather allows, kayaking may even be an option. Imagine gliding across the surface of the fjord and skimming your hand over the pristine water as marine life swims in the depths below.

Optional Excursions
  • Saga Islands Bus Tour to Alnes - Winter
    Join this bus tour to experience two islands, one lighthouse, and countless Viking tales. The scenery is impressive, too!
Ålesund during winter
Photo: Jan Hvizdal
View of the Fjellstua viewpoint, Ålesund
Photo: mauritius images GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo
Beautiful, snow-covered church in Haugesund
Photo: Shutterstock

DAY 6 : Hardangerfjord & Haugesund

Viking history

Beautiful, snow-covered church in Haugesund
Photo: Shutterstock

Journeying south along Norway’s west coast, we sail past some of Norway’s most famous fjords – none more so than Hardangerfjord.

At 111 miles long, it is the second-longest fjord in the country, and fifth-longest in the world.

This stunning waterway is one of Norway’s finest. Mountain scenery is everywhere you look, with white peaks towering over the fjord and reflecting off the shimmering water below.

The region is famous for its apples, used in jams and juice to award-winning cider, which one food writer described as ‘Nordic champagne’.

Weather permitting, we may be able to dock at Rosendal or one of the other picturesque settlements that line the fjord’s shores. In the quaint village of Rosendal, the biggest attraction is the 16th-century Baronial manor, famous for its beautiful rose garden and landscaped grounds.

We reach Haugesund, the ‘Home of the Viking Kings,’ in the afternoon. The nickname is inspired by sites such as St. Olav’s Church, built in 1250 by King Håkon Hå. We also have Haraldshaugen, a national monument reputed to be the first king’s burial site.

Why not step back in time to the Viking Age at Nordvegen Visiting Center, which features exhibitions presented by a fictional Harald Fairhair himself?

Optional Excursions
  • Viking experience by small boat (RIB)
    Get a unique perspective on Norway’s Viking history as you whoosh along the beautiful, narrow strait that gave Norway its name.
  • Haugesund art walk with a local artist
    Glassblowing, architecture and Marilyn Monroe—there’s more to this art walk through picturesque Haugesund than you might expect!
  • E-Bike the Coast of Haugesund
    Let the e-bike do the hard work as you roll through the beautiful nature and rich history of the homeland of the Viking kings.
  • Haugesund Viking Tour by Bus
    Immerse yourself in the rich Viking heritage and coastal culture of Avaldsnes, Norway’s oldest royal seat.

DAY 7 : Farsund and Kristiansand

City of lighthouses

Harbor in Farsund on a sunny day
Photo: mauritius images GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

In the early morning, we reach Farsund. There, you can hike the sandy beaches of Lista and see Lista Lighthouse.

You may also be able to visit a German fortress. This fort was used in World War II and is remarkably well-preserved, with many of the original barracks still intact. Learn all about the area’s wartime history on a guided tour of this historic site, before we sail to Kristiansand.

Sitting along the southern tip of the country, Kristiansand is Norway’s fifth-largest city, with a population of 112,000 people. We aim to arrive there in the late afternoon, giving you a few hours to explore.

Enjoy a guided walk and notice that the city is built on a very uniform grid plan, with several straight roads running from the harbor all the way through the city. These roads show architecture from different eras, which reveal the extensive rebuilds the city had to endure after major fires in the 18th and 19th centuries, and even a World War II attack.

On an optional excursion, visit the working Lindesnes Lighthouse, which marks Norway’s southernmost point. This beacon has been guiding seafarers since the early 20th century. Learn about the site’s long history, which stretches all the way back to 1656.

Back on the ship, we’ll end our cruise on a high note with a farewell dinner. Use this chance to swap stories and show photos to your fellow travelers one last time.

Optional Excursions
  • Norwegian Christmas at Skraastad Farm
    How do Norwegians celebrate Christmas? This tour will answer that and many more question you might have about Norwegian culture and local traditions.
  • Farsund Town Walk
    Join the Port Guard or a local guide to learn about the history of Farsund and enjoy great views of the town from Varbak Hill.
  • Kristiansand World War II History Tour
    Step into the past as you learn about southern Norway’s World War II history on a tour of Kristiansand’s historical sites.
  • Highlights of the South Coast & South Cape
    Join our guide on an overland exploration of southern Norway. Admire the varied Nordic scenery, taste exquisite wine, and have lunch at Norway’s southernmost point.
Harbor in Farsund on a sunny day
Photo: mauritius images GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo
Lista Lighthouse in the village of Vestbygd
Photo: Kathleen Norris Cook / Alamy Stock Photo
Skating rink at Eidsvolls Plass in Oslo
Photo: Jeff Gilbert / Alamy Stock Photo
 Winter in Oslo
Photo: Suranga Weeratuna / Alamy Stock Photo

DAY 8 : Oslo

Journey’s end

Skating rink at Eidsvolls Plass in Oslo
Photo: Jeff Gilbert / Alamy Stock Photo

Your journey has taken you from Tromsø, in the far north, all the way down to the south. Reflect on your journey in the early morning as you watch us approach Oslo, our last port of call.

You’ve sailed on The North Cape Express, exploring Norway’s coastal landscapes, cities, and villages. During the journey, you’ll have experienced Norway’s varied climate, seen majestic mountains and fjords, and maybe gazed up in awe at the Northern Lights.

We hope that you’ll cherish each of the memories that you take home from your voyage on the North Cape Express. Sail with us again soon on another iconic voyage through our spectacular home: the Norwegian coast.

DAY 9 : Bergen

Leaving Norway

Today is your last day in Norway. After a nice breakfast, a transfer will bring you from your hotel to the airport in Bergen, marking the end of your travels with us.  

You’ve sailed on The North Cape Express, exploring Norway’s coastal cities and villages all the way to the top of the European continent. During the journey, you’ll have experienced Norway’s varied climate, seen majestic mountains and fjords, and maybe gazed up in awe at the Northern Lights once or several times.  

We hope you’ll cherish each of the memories of The North Cape Express that you’ll take home with you. Come sail with us again soon, on another iconic voyage of our spectacular home: the Norwegian coast. 

The day-by-day programme will give you a few ideas about what you can see and do on your coastal voyage in Norway, but bear in mind that this itinerary is just an indication of what you can experience. After all, this is a sailing where the elements rule and weather conditions might vary, which is why every voyage with The Hurtigruten Coastal Express is unique.

What's Included

Included in Your Expedition

Arrival in Norway

  • Transfers in Tromsø (airport–hotel, hotel–ship)
  • One-night stay in a four-star hotel in the Tromsø city center, including breakfast
  • Tromsø sightseeing tour
  • Transfers in Oslo (ship–hotel, hotel–airport) 
  • Two-night stay in a four-star hotel in the Oslo city center, including breakfast 
  • Oslo sightseeing tour

Cabin on the ship

  • Choice of cabin number on MS Trollfjord
  • Norway’s Coastal Kitchen welcome basket

Food and drink on board

  • Full board with all-day dining
  • Drinks package (wine, beer, soft drinks) 1
  • Complimentary water, tea, and coffee
  • Afternoon tea and cakes in the bar

Life on board

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi 2
  • English-speaking Coastal Experience team
  • Visit to the bridge 3

1. Only valid in the onboard restaurants during mealtimes

2. Select fare guests must register for our free 1893 Ambassador loyalty program to access the Wi-Fi.

3. At the Captain’s discretion and subject to safety restrictions

Please see our fares page and read more about the Select and Suite fare options for this cruise.