Hurtigruten Ski & Sail - Tromsø to Bodø

Tromsø - Bodø

Come join us for Norway’s most beautiful ski touring cruise – Hurtigruten Ski & Sail. You will sail on the nostalgic Hurtigruten ship MS Nordstjernen (1956), tagging along the beautiful Atlantic coastline from the Arctic capital Tromsø to Bodø - to some of the secret skiing spots of Northern Norway.

  • Travel above the Arctic Circle in the land of the Northern Lights
  • Mini cruise - 3 nights and 3 days of skiing
  • Visit hidden and spectacular gems of the high north
  • Summit to sea free skiing with certified mountain guides


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Norway - powered by nature

Norway is the land of the Northern Lights, Midnight Sun, deep fjords, great mountains, and an extremely long and beautiful coastline with picturesque villages and spectacular mountains for hiking and freeskiing.

Coming to Norway for Hurtigruten Ski & Sail is much more than just another ski touring trip – it’s an adventure of a lifetime in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Spectacular skiing adventure in Lofoten, Norway

The cruise will take you to some of the secret skiing spots of northern Norway, unknown for the big crowd of off-piste skiers around the world and even for Norwegians in general. 

Nevertheless, off-piste skiing in the Northern parts of Norway is becoming increasingly popular, especially after Lonely Planet awarded Norway a second place as the world’s second most spectacular adventure destination in 2013 - and the fantastic off-piste skiing in the North of Norway was one of the main reasons.

We will sail during the evening, and ski during the daytime. Hurtigruten Ski & Sail and its various hikes are tailor-made by certified guides to suit all levels of skiers, from beginners and intermediate to experts - always putting safety first.

Additional activities

If you decide to take it easy one day, we have a wide range of other exciting activities and excursions planned for you - on shore and at sea. Some of these activities include a Sea Eagle Safari, Whale Safari, Deep Sea Fishing, Art and Local History, and Kayaking. With this, we promise you will never be bored.

The excursions can be bought on board.

Kitting up

You should bring hiking gear and clothing for 3 days of hikes, and informal leisurewear for travel, dinner and social settings. The atmosphere on Nordstjernen is informal and the cabins are small, so no need to bring your whole closet.

Hiking backpack (30 – 40 L) and hiking gear – suggestions:

  • Randonee / telemark skiing kit / split board kit
  • Avalanche gear – beeper, probe, shovel (can be rented from guides)
  • First aid kit (blisters, etc.)
  • Thin and thick gloves
  • Two hats (wool and wind stopper)
  • Wool underwear and socks
  • Helmet and goggles
  • Sun glasses and sun block
  • Thin hiking fleece jacket
  • Thin down jacket for cold days and comfy lunch on summit
  • Gore-Tex pants and jacket (wind – and water proof)
  • Alpine axe and crampons for your hiking boots if experts (can be rented from guides)
  • Harness if experts (can be rented from guides)
  • Thermos bottle for hot water, coffee, tea, etc.
  • Bottles for water
  • Camera

Large bag – leisure wear and extra gear (100 – 140 L) – suggestions:

  • Pack in a water resistant, large bag to keep your gear dry
  • Informal leisure wear for dinner and social setting; jeans, chinos, shirt or jumper
  • Thick jacket for cold mornings and evenings on deck
  • Thick winter boots for snowy and cold days
  • Sneakers, low Gore-Tex shoes for leisure
  • Extra batteries for you beeper
  • Extra socks and sports underwear (wool) for 3 days of hiking 

Practical information


  • 4-day (3 nights) cruise from Bodø to Tromsø
  • Ski-touring: Guided trips in smaller groups with certified guides, including all transport
  • All meals included

Not included:

  • Flights to/from Bodø and Tromsø
  • Optional excursions
  • Equipment: you should bring your own hiking gear, clothing and ski touring gear (see below for full list of gear to bring). 

Equipment and packing

Renting equipment:

  • You may rent avalanche gear for advanced hikes from the mountain guides, which will be delivered on board the ship. This can be booked in advance, after you have booked your trip (prices to follow).
  • You can also rent ski touring gear in Tromsø or Bodø. Book in advance and arrive during opening hours, well ahead of your departure, so there's enough time to fit boots, bindings, skis and pick up gear (prices to follow).

Travel light and smart

  • Pack your skis, etc. in a ski bag, your usual hiking backpack and a large bag with the rest of the equipment and clothing (e.g. 100 – 140 L recommended).

  • For domestic flights in Norway you pay extra for your ski bag (special luggage), so fill up your ski bag with skis, hiking poles, skins, alpine axe, crampons, boots, etc. to reduce weight from your normal luggage.

  • For domestic flights you may also bring your hiking backpack on the plane (no knives, etc. of course). Your bag with other gear should be no more than 20 kilos if you want to avoid paying for heavy luggage.

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The itinerary

Read about the amazing destinations you will visit and learn more about the day-to-day programme on board in this itinerary overview.

2 April and 23 April 2017

Departs From Tromsø, Norway
Day 1
Photo: Sarah Williams / Guest photo Photo

In the Arctic Capital

Location: Tromsø

On Sunday you will board MS Nordstjernen in Tromsø, the largest city in Northern Norway with 71.000 inhabitants. If you arrive early, there are plenty of cultural and historic sites in and around Tromsø for you to enjoy. Especially the famous Cathedral Ishavskatedralen is worth a visit. The ship leaves Tromsø harbor at six o’clock heading for Senja and Gryllefjorden and an action packed first day. Dinner is served at seven o’clock. Remember to get some sleep!

Day 2
Photo: Peter Neumann Photo

Hitting the mountains!

Location: Senja

Hit the local mountains on Senja with Store Hesten, Kvænan, Keipen, Segla, Litjemoa, Breitind, Stormoa and Grytetippen as possible summit destinations. Together with our certified guides you will find the trip best suited you! For those who want to stay near the boat there will be organized trips for sea kayaking, fishing and sea eagle spotting. After a day out exploring you will be served an après ski on MS Nordstjernen before dinner. At five o’clock we will set sail towards Andørja and another action packed day!

Day 3
Photo: Ørjan Bertelsen Photo

The adventure continues

Location: Andørja

Start the day by checking the local weather and own ambitions with Snøtind, Langlitind, Klåptind and Kråktindene all being possible mountain peak destinations. If you want to give skiing a break, this is the day for whale spotting. Sea kayaking and fishing is also possible. Get on board in the evening for an après ski and dinner whilst the ship sails for Henningsvær in Lofoten around five o’clock.

Day 4
Photo: Dhoxax/Shutterstock Photo

To the Lofoten mountains

Location: Lofoten and Bodø

Join us on another epic day in the mountains with Blåtinden, Rundfjellet, Torskmann, Sautetind – Pilan, Kvittind and Geitgaljartind as possible destinations. Want to give the mountains a break? Try sea kayaking or do some fishing. There will also be organized a guided historic walk in Henningsvær with a visit to the arty Kaviar Factory and Gallery Lofoten as main attractions. Make sure to join our final après ski at three. We will arrive in Bodø at six o’clock in order to reach the airport.

If you wish to stick around in Bodø for another day, you can stay an extra night on MS Nordstjernen. You can arrange it with the crew on board or give us a call before your voyage to Norway!

5 April and 26 April 2017

Location Bodø, Norway
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Hurtigruten Ski & Sail in 2018

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