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– The ultimate in expedition travel

Pure wilderness and spectacular landscapes provide a true sense of adventure. Explorers have always been drawn to the unknown 7th continent because of its spectacular nature and outstanding wildlife. The Antarctic oceans are full of exotic marine animals. If you visit this area, you will meet a lot of penguins, seals and maybe even see the great whales up close.

Explore new cruises to Antarctica Explore new cruises to Antarctica
Experience the majestic spectacle of a total Solar Eclipse.

Experience the Solar Eclipse 

On December 4, 2021, a total Solar Eclipse will occur in the Scotia Sea around the South Orkney Islands, near the Antarctic Peninsula. This phenomenon won’t occur here again for another 400-or-so years. Seize this rare chance and join a Hurtigruten expedition cruise to Antarctica during the total Solar Eclipse, an opportunity that arises only once in several lifetimes.

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– Where Ice Meets Fire

Iceland is topping many bucket lists with its breathtaking and supercharged natural wonders. The combination of volcanic drama, history and rugged scenery make Iceland a truly memorable destination. Explore hot springs, geysers, waterfalls and glaciers as we discover the hidden secrets of the land of the Vikings. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, Iceland enjoys a cool, temperate maritime climate.

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– Kingdom of the Polar Bear

The beauty of the High Arctic is unlike anywhere else on the planet. Glaciers, magnificent tundra, sea ice and the midnight sun create lifelong memories. Svalbard offers you the chance to encounter rich wildlife, from whales to Arctic foxes to amazing birdlife – not to mention the real ruler of Svalbard: the polar bear.

Explore new cruises to Svalbard Explore new cruises to Svalbard

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Camping on Danco Island, Antarctica

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Camping on Danco Island, Antarctica