The Ultimate Fjord Expedition to Iceland and Greenland

Reykjavik, Iceland - Bergen, Norway

For the ultimate fjord adventure, explore Greenland and the world’s biggest fjord. Enjoy the thrill of the wilderness and the peacefulness of nature on the same voyage. Many of the places we travel to are completely untouched by humans. Sail from Reykjavik in Iceland and spend four days in Greenland, before discovering the hidden natural gems of the Norwegian coast.

  • Explore the biggest fjord system in the world with the highlight of Scoresbysund fjord in East Greenland
  • Encounter Arctic wildlife
  • Visit Iceland, Greenland and Norway in the same expedition
  • Discover Jan Mayen, one of the most isolated island in the world


Explore the biggest fjord system in the world

On this amazing expedition, you explore the magnificent natural world of Greenland and the Scoresbysund fjord. This fjord extends 217 miles inland, offering spectacular scenery and tranquil surroundings.

The "Saga land"

Iceland is definitely out of the ordinary! Nature here is wild, rugged and truly unique. You can explore this mythical land through hikes in lava fields or swims in natural hot springs. One of Iceland’s best-kept secrets is the Westfjords, a region that is largely uninhabited and home to a nature reserve where teeming bird cliffs are abundant. This is the ideal place for spotting wildlife in a natural habitat. Ísafjörður, the largest settlement in the area, is the perfect starting point for fantastic excursions.

A deeper understanding of the word "isolated"

We cross the ocean to visit the most isolated and remote town on Greenland. Ittoqqortoormiit is almost as far as you can get from any other inhabited area in this remote part of the world. For up to nine months of the year, the town is cut off from the outside world, as ice freezes the ocean. The town is also the gateway to the world’s largest national park, a vast wilderness featuring 11,000 miles of rugged coastline.

Enormous and stunningly beautiful

We sail for four days exploring this vast wilderness, including the world's biggest fjord, which features high mountains and basalt cliffs. The beauty of this enormous fjord system is enhanced by its native wildlife; birds, musk oxen, reindeer, walrus and maybe even a polar bear may make an appearance. Several places show no evidence that people have ever set foot there before. Whenever possible, we will go ashore in this untouched wilderness.

Remote Arctic island and fjords of Norway

After some exciting days in East Greenland, we set course for the remote island of Jan Mayen, hoping to go ashore on this piece of land sitting on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, home to Norway’s only active volcano - Beerenberg.

As we reach the Norwegian mainland, we enter the spectacular Trollfjord and visit the beautiful Lofoten Islands. From here we continue southwards, exploring remote islands on our way to Bergen, our final destination after a voyage full of discovery and adventure!

Your holiday price includes:

  • Hurtigruten Expedition voyage in cabin grade of your choice on a full board basis
  • Wind- and water-resistant jacket
  • Landings and activities on board and ashore
  • Professional English-speaking Expedition Team that gives lectures as well as accompany landings and activities
  • Free tea and coffee

Not included:

  • International Flights
  • Travel Insurance
  • Luggage handling
  • Optional Excursions and Gratuities

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The itinerary

This is an expedition where the elements rule, and the weather, wind and ice conditions will determine our final schedule. Safety is paramount and the captain will decide the sailing itinerary during the voyage. Therefore, this itinerary is just an indication of what you can experience, and why every expedition with Hurtigruten is unique.

18 August 2018

Departs From Reykjavik
Day 1

The world’s northernmost capital city

Location: Reykjavik

Iceland's capital Reykjavik is a vibrant city, rich with history and culture, while close to unparalleled natural beauty such as glaciers, waterfalls, geysers and mountains. Enjoy discovering Reykjavik on your own before you embark on MS Spitsbergen in the afternoon. 

Day 2

Capital of the Westfjords

Location: Ísafjörður

Ísafjörður is the largest town in the Westfjords. It has a long history as a major centre of commerce and trading, based on the fish trade. Stroll around this cosy town and enjoy its colourful architecture. You'll find the country's oldest dwelling here, along with other fine examples of timber houses built by wealthy foreign traders in the 18th century. Ísafjörður offers a wide range of optional excursions suited to every level of fitness.

Day 3-6

The biggest fjord in the world

Location: Scoresbysund Fjord System

Ittoqqortoormiit is the most isolated town in Greenland. As you explore this settlement, you'll notice racks used by local trappers to dry the skins of the animals they have hunted. The town is also the gateway to the world's largest and deepest multi-branched fjord system. A special basalt rock formation with horizontal lines runs through the nearby cliffs, marking the transition to North-eastern Greenland. As we explore the Scoresbysund fjord system, we will attempt to land in several places as pure wilderness expeditions, coming ashore in spots where there is no record of any humans having been! When we visit the former trading post Syd Kap, you will see old blubber ovens and the ruins of old dwellings. In Bjørne Øer, you can encounter larger remnants of an old Thule settlement. The hunters' cabin in Hecla Havn is a great place to spot birds and smaller mammals, including Arctic hare, lemming and ptarmigans. At Viking Bay, you can study the Colombia basalt rock formations or visit a large glacier. Qupaulakajik is significant for its abundance of plant fossils – it is possible to find fossils that are over 200 million years old here. The mountains in this area are almost alpine in nature, rising right out of the largest fjord systems on earth to an altitude of more than 2,500 metres above sea level. The waters are scattered with large icebergs and the valleys are dotted with musk oxen. Watch out for other wildlife such as the all-white Arctic hare, the Arctic fox or the very rare Arctic wolf. Turn your eyes to the sky to spot the white Greenland falcon, ptarmigan, snowy owl and a variety of sea birds. Remember to scan for polar bears wherever you see ice.

Day 7

Isolated in the Arctic Ocean

Location: Jan Mayen

The Norwegian island of Jan Mayen is one of the most isolated places in the world. Located where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet, the island is home to Beerenberg, the northernmost active volcano on earth. Dutch whalers operated from Jan Mayen in the 16th century, but today only a Norwegian weather station accommodates a few brave individuals throughout the year. Visits to Jan Mayen are extremely rare, especially from tourists. As one of the few vessels operating in this area, MS Spitsbergen and her crew will attempt to make a landing on this most exotic Arctic island.

Day 8

Crossing the Norwegian Sea

Location: At sea

Spending a Day at sea is great for relaxing, sorting photos and enjoying lectures.

Day 9

Area of extreme natural beauty

Location: The Lofoten Islands

As we reach the Norwegian mainland, we sail through the narrow Raftsund before navigating into the even narrower Trollfjord, where the vertical mountain walls rises right out of the sea. We spend the next Day in Lofoten, giving you chance to explore this fascinating area, known for its excellent fishing, rugged natural beauty and picturesque villages.

Day 10

A famous landmark

Location: Coast of Helgeland

Torghatten is a famous landmark along the Helgeland coast, and from deck you have orchestra seats to this mountain with a huge eroded gap in the middle.

Day 11
Photo: Sergey Goryachev Photo

The abandoned fishing village

Location: Grip

The Grip archipelago lies 14 km off the mainland coast. Gripholmen is an abandoned fishing village settled in the 1400s to take advantage of rich fishing grounds. Once Norway’s smallest municipality with a couple of hundred inhabitants, today it is a beloved summer holiday retreat. A multitude of cellful houses and an old stave church welcome you to this unique place.

Day 12

Two hidden gems of coastal Norway

Location: Værlandet and Bulandet

The harbour at Værlandet is characterised by its picturesque wharf side buildings, while the rich diversity of animal life in the Sørværet Nature Reserve means that on a good Day you can catch sight of seals, otters, porpoises, eagles and deer. Bulandet is one of the liveliest fishing villages in Norway. As opposed to many other small communities, the population here has actually grown over recent years. The village has a wide range of facilities, including possibly Norway’s westernmost art gallery. During the summer, Bulandet is a favourite spot for boaters and travellers lodging in cottages and fisherman´s cabins.

Day 13

Gateway to the fjords

Location: Bergen

Our expedition ends in Bergen. Take the opportunity to spend some time strolling through the streets and enjoy sites such as Bergen’s colourful UNESCO-listed Bryggen district before you fly home.

31 August 2018

Location Bergen
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