Explorer Cruises

You don't need to climb Everest to be considered an explorer. With Hurtigruten's explorer fleet, you can realize your dreams large or small, from setting foot on untouched wilderness to simply trying something new. Join us! Let us help you connect with your inner explorer on an unforgettable journey.

Explorer Destinations

Explorer Destinations

We have been exploring arctic waters of Norway and beyond since 1893. Our Explorer voyages take us beyond the Norwegian Coast to discover destinations from pole-to-pole.

Expedition Team

Meet our Expedition Team

Our Expedition Teams love adventure. We've brought experts in marine biology, arctic survival, oceanography, photography, and more on board to help make your journey an unforgettable experience.

Explorer Ships

Tailormade to fit our destinations

Each of our explorer ships has their own personality, but share one thing in common: all are custom-built to serve as a perfect basecamp for your adventure. Whether you are thinking of exploring the icy waters of Antarctica, or the azure seas of warm water paradises, there is a ship that fits your style.

Excursions and Activities

Excursions and activities

Hurtigruten is more than amazing scenery, expert crews and comfortable lodgings. We offer the chance to explore, discover and participate during the duration of your voyage. We want to help you connect with your inner explorer. That's why we've created over 200 excursions for you to choose from. Our activities on board and on shore are designed to fit all levels, from the most relaxed to the most challenging excursions you can imagine.

Get Inspired

Get Inspired

All of our Explorer destinations are unique. Each experience is unique and subject to where the whether allows us to land and explore. No two voyages are alike. Read more about experiences you can have onboard one of our Explorer voyages.