Find Your Norway

Discover the Top 10 reasons to visit Norway!

The Northern Lights

Number 1

See the Northern Lights—Where ribbons of color undulate amid the starry skies, reflected against the white snow and swirling above the mountains’ jagged peaks, nature’s most amazing light show is caused by the sun’s solar winds when they run into the Earth’s atmosphere. 

Vesteralen Norway
Photo: Rune Haugseng


Number 2

Sail through the narrow arms of Ice-Age glacier-cut fjords of Norway while surrounded by mountain peaks that plunge into beautiful blue waters. 

Vesteralen Norway
Photo: Rune Haugseng


Number 3

Participate in our optional excursions to experience Norway in an immersive, active, and authentic fashion. Enjoy activities such as hiking, kayaking, small-boat (RIB) nature safaris, town walks, snowmobile rides, dog sledding, snowshoeing, and horseback riding.

Native Wildlife

Number 4

Wildlife—From the deck, watch for seabirds such as colorful puffins and birds of prey such as the mighty Sea Eagles. Keep an eye out for whales and other sea mammals such as myriad humpbacks, orcas, sperm whales, pilot whales, and fin whales. On land, keep an eye out for reindeer, Arctic fox, and musk oxen. 

Cross the Arctic Circle

Number 5

Pass the Arctic Circle—The Arctic Circle is an invisible boundary that circles the Earth at 66°, 33’ N, the southernmost point where the Midnight Sun shines 24 hours a day. We celebrate this crossing of the Arctic Circle—into the remote High North--with an on-deck celebration featuring King Neptune. 

The Midnight Sun

Number 6

Midnight Sun—Endless summer nights, when the sun doesn’t set below the horizon, and long, lingering sunsets means more time and beautiful light to appreciate all the natural wonders of Norway.

Sustainable Travel

Sustainable Travel

Number 7

We serve food sourced from local communities, source optional excursions local, and we have removed all single-use plastics from our ships. We are in the process of having our Norwegian Coastal Express fleet’s engines converted and are running on renewable biogas, LNG, and battery power, to further sustainable travel.

Sustainable Travel

Fresh, Locally-Sourced Food - Norway's Coastal Kitchen

Number 8

A seafood lover’s paradise, our chefs make full use of the ports we visit to have the freshest seafood, dairy, and produce delivered. Enjoy cod and Arctic char, as well as and inland specialties like tender beef, goat cheese, and seasonal vegetables. 

North Cape

Experience the North Cape

Number 9

Representing the northernmost point on mainland Europe and set dramatically atop a 1,000 foot high bluff above the Arctic Ocean, with only the Svalbard Archipelago and only about 1,300 miles between you and the North Pole, you’ll surely feel like you’re at the end of the world. The iconic Meridian Column globe sculpture in Norway, was erected in 1854 to commemorate the first precise measurement of the planet and now signifies this end point in Europe. 

North Cape

Learn About Viking History and Heritage

Number 10

Learn more about the rich Viking ships, heritage and history in Norway. Expert sailors and navigators who originated from modern-day Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, the Vikings were fierce warriors leading to settlements and trading in the British Isles, Iceland, Greenland, North America, parts of the European mainland, and beyond during their 200 year period of expansion.

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