Young Explorers’ Programme, Norwegian coast

Starting April 2018, we will offer a complimentary, year-round Young Explorers’ programme for curious and active youths aged 7-13 years of age on MS Finnmarken. A dedicated host will plan and organise all the activities, which focus on fun and eco-friendly learning events, tailor-made to awaken a sense of adventure.

Through the Young Explorers’ programme, children will get a deeper understanding of nature, climate and culture, and be introduced to topics related to wildlife, local food, environmental protection and famous explorers. This will give the children a sense of what it is like to be a real explorer in Norway’s beautiful, untouched surroundings.

Activities on board and on shore

There will be daily on-board activities to inspire our Young Explorers. Every day there will be an on-board Young Explorers’ meeting to talk more about the topic of the day. During each Classic Round Voyage we will do an environment action on land, such as a beach clean-up, to create greater awareness and understanding of the fragile balance that exists in the natural environment. This is done in co-operation with the Hurtigruten Foundation and Keep Norway Beautiful.

A vessel well-equipped for children

MS Finnmarken is the most child-friendly ship in our fleet, with a playroom, pool, Jacuzzi, lounges and even conference facilities for meetings and activities. All Young Explorers will get a starter pack containing a t-shirt and a logbook at the beginning of their voyage. Logbook assignments are related to the different exploration topics.

See friendships bloom on board

The Young Explorers’ Programme makes it easier to meet other children on board, bond over common activities and form lasting friendships. They also will learn about other cultures, the importance of nature in our daily lives and impact humans have on our fragile and beautiful planet.

Optional excursions

During the year, Hurtigruten offers more than 90 excursions along the Norwegian coast. As a part of the Young Explorers’ Programme, we have listed almost 20 excursions as ‘Young Explorer Friendly’. Our excursion programme is under continuous review and development, so you can be sure that new and exciting excursions will be available for our younger guests during the 2018/19 sailing season.

Practical information

All children aged 7 to 13 years are welcome to participate on Young Explorers’ Programme. At the beginning of the voyage, you will receive more practical details of the programme, but every day, we give out a special Young Explorers’ agenda of the day. You don’t need to sign up for our Young Explorers’ Programme before your journey – you can do that when you arrive on the ship. In most cases, it is not expected that parents/guardians participate on Young Explorers’ activities, but depending of the size and variation of the group it may occur some parents are asked to join to informally help out. All activities will be mainly offered in English and Scandinavian languages.

The Young Explorers’ Programme summary

  • A programme tailor-made for our younger guests (and their parents), to entertain and inspire the next generation of explorers whilst on board.
  • Daily on board activities related to different Young Explorers’ topics.
  • Environmental actions and excursions such as beach clean-ups.
  • The children will get a ‘Young Explorers’ Package’ consisting of a t-shirt and a logbook at the beginning of the voyage.
  • In the logbook, observations can be noted of what has been learned during the day – the wildlife encountered, the natural attractions seen, and so on. Every day there will be a Young Explorers’ meeting to talk more about the day's topic.
  • A Young Explorers’ Kit will also be for sale.
  • Advice on child-friendly attractions on land.