Explore the spectacular Sognefjord – join a 2 day special sailing in April

Join us to Norway's longest and deepest fjord, and experience a Norwegian spring that really comes as a limited edition.

  • Sail the full 205 kilometres of the Sognefjord, Norway´s longest and deepest (1308 m) fjord.

  • Taste fresh local produce collected along the route.

  • Go on excursions into lush and panoramic valleys and mountains, visit Norway´s oldest stave church on UNESCO’s World Heritage List or get even closer to the water.

Enjoy sailing from the mighty ocean, into a narrow fjord where the steep mountainsides have cascading waterfalls on both sides. When you look up, you will see the towering Jotunheimen mountains (with peaks more than 2200 m above the sea level), home of Norway´s mythical trolls.

All eyes on deck

Sailing into Sognefjord will take your breath away. However, the fresh and crisp air, and the spectacular view, makes you want to stay on deck forever. This is your chance to experience it all in only two days. Four limited edition sailings invite you into the special Sognefjord in spring. Where the nights grow lighter and the lush mountainside villages greener, for every blink of the eye.

See, smell – and taste

On this special sailing lectures inside and point of interests + coastal kitchen tasting outside happens up on deck: Lectures about what you see and smell around you. A taste of Hurtigruten´s famous Norway's Coastal Kitchen, where fresh local produce are collected from the passing farms, forests and waters.

And to top it all: Join the excursions that take you to the top of the mountains, at the foot of Norway's biggest glacier.     

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