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    Summer 2015

    New Antarctic voyages

    Interview with Hurtigruten product developer Jørn Henriksen on the beauty of the Antarctic and on deciding which expedition ship is right for you.

    As of autumn 2016, Hurtigruten will offer Antarctic voyages on two ships: MS Fram, which already regularly sails around the Antarctic region between October and February, will be joined by MS Midnatsol. 

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    Summer 2014

    One of the things that sets Hurtigruten apart from other ships sailing to Norway is our relationship with the coastline and its communities.

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    Winter 2013

    Norway, 2013, the big 120th anniversary year is nearly over, but Hurtigruten still feels in a mood to party. Luckily, our smallest and oldest ship, MS Lofoten, has a milestone birthday to celebrate.

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    Autumn 2013

    When it comes to fjords, Lyngenfjord isn't the longest in the world (that title belongs to Scoresbysund in Greenland); it's not even the longest in Norway (that's Sognefjord down in the south). Depth-wise, the UNESCO-listed could swallow Toronto's CN Tower with room to spare, but Lyngenfjord is relatively unremarkable in this category also. And whilst we're mentioning the subject, Lyngenfjord isn't on UNESCO's list of world heritage sites either.

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    Summer 2013

    As MS Lofoten pulled out of Bergen on 2nd July 2013, the crew and passengers were all aware partaking in a piece of Hurtigruten history - one of a series of anniversary sailings along the Norwegian coast, our home for 120 fascinating years. 

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