Meet the Crew: Morten Sagen - Tour Guide On Board MS Lofoten

A great deal of what makes a Hurtigruten voyage such an unforgettable experience is down to the people – unique encounters with passengers and also the crew, who make it their mission to look after their guests every single day. Just like Morten Sagen, tour guide on board MS Lofoten. We asked him a couple of questions...

Mr Sagen, are you Norwegian? 
Yes. I was born in Trondheim.

And what did you dream of being when you grew up? 
A journalist.

But you ended up on MS Lofoten... 
Yes, I have been working for Hurtigruten as a tour guide for over 18 years. MS Lofoten had long appealed to me as a workplace. I love the nostalgic flair and 1960s feel of the ship. Even the crew's new uniform pays homage to the style of the 60s. MS Lofoten is simply a real classic. Just like in times gone by, you will meet up with people now and again for a cocktail or even to go fishing from the deck, as you are much closer to the water's surface on this small ship. With MS Lofotens new theme concept you don’t just find yourself sailing distances, but also transcending time.

How does a usual working day kick off for you? 
I print the Good Morning News for our guests and read through my emails, which sometimes also trickle in overnight. Throughout the day I tend to the guests' needs and point out places of interest along the route or in the ports. 

What is your most important work tool? 
My computer – it is absolutely essential for booking excursions. We also receive a lot of guests' queries by email.

What do you especially appreciate about your job? The fantastic panorama. I could happily keep travelling along the Norwegian coast – it never gets boring! Every day and every place is different. And because MS Lofoten is smaller than the other Hurtigruten ships, we are also able to sail through narrow fjords that cannot be accessed by other vessels. This makes my workplace even more attractive.

And what challenges do you have to overcome? 
We sometimes have to change the route if the weather isn't playing along. But that's simply part and parcel of what we do.

Your most remarkable Hurtigruten experience to date was... 
When the full moon and northern lights lit up the sky at the same time near the Trollfjord. Unforgettable!

If you could change places with a colleague for a day... 
Then I would like to work in the marketing department. As I'm so familiar with our coastal voyages and have been working here for so long, I would be great at conveying the beauty and diversity of this type of voyage.

What piece of advice would you give our guests? 
Leave your iPad and other gadgets at home. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the magnificent view!

Sail back in time

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Behind MS Lofoten at sea
Behind MS Lofoten at sea Photo: Patrick Kaufmann Photo