New Ice Cruising Boats

Hurtigruten invests in new Polar Circle Boats for MS Fram.

They defy wind and waves, are extremely robust and come approved for Antarctic waters – we are, of course, referring to the two recently purchased polar circle boats, which are set to complement MS Fram's facilities and ensure even more breathtaking excursions. The new boats are each seven metres long and can hold up to twelve people. They are very seaworthy and safe, and enable our guests to quickly arrive at interesting destinations, whether between Antarctic icebergs or in Greenland's disco bay, or simply to glide at their leisure through the spectacular ice landscapes.

Named after the famous Norwegian Arctic explorers, Amundsen and Nansen were ceremoniously christened before their godparents, expedition leader Karin Strand and Dr Milagros Aguirre and the gathered crew.

Small boats, huge opportunities.

With a little bit of luck, guests will be able to spot whales from the boats in the waters around Greenland. In the Antarctic, on the other hand, passing through the Lemaire Channel in one of the new polar circle boats is guaranteed to be an expedition highlight. Renowned for its beauty and abundance of icebergs, this waterway is surrounded by mountains and glaciers towering up to 1,000 metres high. Taking in such an impressive backdrop from one of these boats is sure to be a truly magical experience!

Doing ice cruising with a Polar Circle boat definitely makes a differences when it comes to explorer voyages and its experiences.

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