MS Lofoten's Machine Anniversary

Did you know that MS Lofoten already has covered 9 X the journey to the Moon?

MS Lofoten, the all-time classic among the Hurtigruten fleet, has set a new record. Built in 1964, the ship exceeded a milestone of 300,000 working hours last year. During this time it has crossed the Arctic Circle 3,000 times and travelled a total of 7.4 million kilometres – all with the original marine engine. To help you visualise this incredible distance, consider this: the number of kilometres on the clock corresponds to 185 circumnavigations of the earth and 9.4 trips to the moon (and back!).

The special charm of “the old dame”

Despite this, the old girl, which incidentally is also under monument protection, is showing no signs of ageing. With its classic panorama salons and maritime wooden decks, MS Lofoten is one of the most cherished ships in the Hurtigruten fleet and radiates sheer nostalgic charm. At a celebration held to mark the new record, the "old dame" showed she has many more years in her yet, with three powerful blows of her horn resounding along the Varangerfjord. A round of coffee and cake was served to guests, crew and proud captain Eivind Lande on this day to honour MS Lofoten’s 300,000 working hours.

Sail back in time

Sail back in time to 1964 on MS Lofoten and experience Norwegian life along the coast 50 years ago. Culinary specialties, classy uniforms, traditional deck activities … learn more about MS Lofotens recently introduced concept here.

Behind MS Lofoten at sea
Behind MS Lofoten at sea Photo: Patrick Kaufmann Photo