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Kayaking Classes at the World's End

Welcome to our Kayaking Workshop! Be among the first guests to achieve a Kayak certification while traveling.

Their names are Harald, Mads, Brooke and Liselotte. And they come from Norway and USA. All of them have paddled kayaks in very rough waters and to deserted places around the world for many years.

That certified experience as well as their passion to teach other people have qualified them to enter the Hurtigruten Expedition team. Guided Kayak tours are now part of our varied excursion program and bookable in nearly all offered destinations.

Kayaking in Antarctica

A very exciting experience has now been prepared for guests who sail in the Antarctic wilderness with MS Midnatsol! Take part in a certified kayak training that offers both, practical tours and theoretical knowledge about safety and equipment.

Imagine empowering yourself with such new skills in the coolest class room ever: on an Antarctic trip! No previous experience is required. Go for something completely new!

See all details about the Kayak Workshop in Antarctica.