Hurtigruten Svalbard

Looking for more land-based adventures in Svalbard? Explore this incredible archipelago with Hurtigruten Svalbard.

365 Days of Adventure with Local Experts

The land-based adventures offer year-round fun in Svalbard. Base yourself in colorful Longyearbyen for exciting wilderness excursions. Svalbard is the ultimate Northern Lights destination; the only inhabited place to experience the daytime aurora. 

As the light returns in spring, Svalbard's snow-covered landscape magically reveals itself. Summertime features open fjords, calving glaciers and breathtaking peaks to discover under the Midnight Sun.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Hurtigruten ASA, Hurtigruten Svalbard offers everything you need for exploring the Arctic crown of Norway. Sign up for land-based activities organized by the experts at Hurtigruten Svalbard, and choose from excellent accommodation options in Longyearbyen.

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Northern Lights Season

October 1 - February 28
The phenomenal experience of viewing the Aurora Borealis in pristine Arctic Wilderness will leave you breathless. Mid-November to January are best for viewing, while earlier in later in the seasons you can enjoy short, pastel-colored days. The climate here is milder than many traditional Northern Lights destinations due to the Gulf Stream.
Selected seasonal activities: Northern Lights by snowmobile, Snowmobile safaris, Electric fatbike tours, Northern Lights evening, Snowshoeing tours, Dogsledding tours and expeditions, Beer tasting

Light Winter Season

March 1 - May 17
When the sun returns to the Arctic, the atmosphere changes and the landscape opens up for adventure. The pristine white plains, valleys and mountains wait to be explored, and create a spectacular backdrop for every excursion.
Seasonal activities: Ice cave tour, Snowcat adventure, Snowmobile safaris & expeditions, Arctic wilderness evening, Dogsledding tours & expeditions, Ski expedition

Summer Season

May 18 - September 30
The Midnight Sun shines bright in the sky, and the thawing fjords and mountain ranges awaken from their snowy slumber. Summer in the High Arctic should not be missed. Hike to magnificent mountains, sail beneath cliffs filled with teeming birdlife, or search for tiny Arctic flowers in the tundra.
Seasonal activities: Boat tours in the fjords, Arctic wilderness evening, Electric fatbike tours, Mountain & tundra hiking, Dogsledding on wheels, Kayaking & hiking expeditions