Vision, values and leadership principles

Get acquainted with Hurtigruten's vision and values platform.

Vision and values

Real experiences in unique waters

In a world where humans live to a great extent on the surface and have little time for reflection, the need arises to be part of the real and the natural. People want to escape from the stress and hassle of daily life to participate actively in the powerful experiences provided by closeness to dramatic landscapes and local culture. We in Hurtigruten will fulfill this need for both everyday travelers and for tourists.

When we go to work, it is to ensure that people have the opportunity to live where they want and that others can experiencemajestic scenery and local culture. Our guests will feel just as much at home whatever the product they have purchased, and we will be just as much at the service of local people as of tourists.

By constantly improving this experience, our long-term aim is to be regarded as one of the world’s 10 most attractive tourist destinations.

Quite simply, we go to work to create real experiences in unique waters.

The best way to experience the destination.
Hurtigruten is the best way to experience Norway.
Hurtigruten is the best way to experience Svalbard.
Hurtigruten is the best way to experience the Antarctic.
Hurtigruten is the best way to experience Greenland.

Brand essence

Hurtigruten is the original coastal voyage, dating from 1893.

Our DNA and our history go back to Richard With. Together with Norway’s Polar heroes, Nansen and Amundsen, he was one of the nation’s maritime pioneers. His creation combined the need for communication along the Norwegian coast with an innovative tourist product.

The coastal voyage opened new opportunities for both local people and visitors. In a coastal nation characterised by high mountains and long fjords, the sea offered the only way to tie the land together.

Hurtigruten represented a communication revolution along the Norwegian coast, and provided a service for everyone – freight transporters, local people and foreign tourists. Richard With contributed to the economic base of local communities and the interaction between them. Just as we do today, he also welcomed visitors to explore, see and learn about Norwegian nature and local culture.

Since 1893, Hurtigruten has been impossible to replace – impossible to copy.

Our DNA makes us real. This will characterize our business, our choices and our actions, as it has done since 1893.

Cultural values
What we stand for:
- Secure
- Generous
- Responsible

Brand promises
Hurtigruten promises you:
- Real experiences in unique waters
- Closeness to the local culture
- Safe under tough conditions
- Travel when you want, where you want, for as long as you want
- Experience what you want

What we stand for

Safety is always the first priority for us in Hurtigruten. Norwegian maritime skills and local roots mean that our guests are safe in tough conditions. Security will characterize our workplace – security in each other through openness, a cooperative attitude and respect. Security creates courage – courage creates drive and commitment.

By generosity, we mean that we will display openness and that we care in our meetings with both employees and guests. We will be genuine, honest and enthusiastic. We will ensure a ”we” culture between all parts of the organisation and respect each other. We will be inclusive and help each other to perform well.

We accept responsibility for people, culture, the economy and the environment.

Responsibility and concern for others will characterize everything we do. We will think commercially in such a way that this forms a natural part of our activities, both on land and at sea. We are the lifeline along the Norwegian coast.

As a shipping company, we operate in some of the world’s most vulnerable regions. We therefore have a particular responsibility for preserving the distinctive character of these places – their local culture, society and environment. Rooted in our history, we will continue to develop our company in a responsible manner.

Brand Promises

What we promise our guests

* Real experiences in unique waters
* Get acquainted with the local culture
* Travel when you want, where you want, for as long as you want
* Experience what you want
* Safe under tough conditions

Management Principles
Hurtigruten’s management principles

* Live our values – be a good role model
* Demonstrate correspondence between word and action
* Be available and support our collegues and subordinates
* Be inclusive and help each other to perform well

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