Arctic Wilderness Adventure: Land of the Inuits

The northwest of Greenland is the land of the Midnight Sun and the dog sledges. Enjoy amazing Arctic experiences in the Disko Bay area, and the rarely visited settlement of Upernavik, with giant icebergs, fjords, wildlife and spectacular landscapes. Our landings, excursions, kayaking, hikes or other activities give you an authentic experience of Greenland and the people living here.

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  • 12 days
  • June 12 & 22, 2015
    June 12 & 22, 2016
From $6,084 per person per person

Day 1 Kangerlussuaq

You arrive in Kangerlussuaq in the morning. Before boarding MS Fram we spend the day exploring Kangerlussuaq and its surroundings. First on the agenda is a trip to the Greenland Ice Cap. Enjoy a ride through a wide variety of beautiful natural scenery before enjoying an hour discovering the area around the Ice Cap. After arriving back in Kangerlussuaq we enjoy a light lunch before embarking MS Fram and setting a course for Disko Bay and our Greenland adventure. 

Note: Voyages in 2015 begin with an overnight stay in Copenhagen before transferring to Kangerlussuaq the next day.

Day 2-10 Exploring North-West Greenland

Sisimiut is the southernmost of the towns on the western coast of Greenland. Here we offer a variety of optional shore excursions including hikes, boat trips and sightseeing, as well as the chance to shop for local handicrafts and enjoy a meal with Greenlandic specialities in a local restaurant.

Qeqertarsuaq is the only town situated on the old volcanic island of Disko. The area offers amazing Arctic experiences with giant icebergs, picturesque seascapes, fjords and wildlife. Our Expedition Team will take you on a guided walk, or you can join the optional excursions like a town walk, kayaking or an ice cruising boat tour.

If you like archaeology and history should definitely pay a visit to the local museum in Qasigiannguit. Alternatively, you can stroll around the settlement on your own, or participate in our excursion, which includes a settlement walk, entrance to museums and a visit to the church for a recital by the local choir.

The town of Uummannaq is situated in scenic surroundings at the foot of a heart-shaped mountain. During our stay here, the Expedition Team will lead you on a hike in the shadow of this majestic peak. Our optional excursions include meeting the locals or taking a Polarcirkel boat-excursion to a landing at Qilakitsoq where the mummies from the Thule era were found.

In Ukkusissat the locals await us at the pier when we arrive, and entertain us with song and dance, before proudly escorting us to their village. Take a stroll around on your own, or drop by the community house where they offer coffee, homemade cakes and local souvenirs.

There are only 90 people living in Illorsuit, a traditional hunting and fishing community. You may find that many houses dry whale meat and fish on the front porch- right next to the laundry! It is a place rarely visited by tourists. We will go ashore using Polarcirkel boats and introduce you to the locals.

In Upernavik at N72° 47 and W 56° 10 you will find the world's northernmost open-air museum.

Qullissat is an abandoned mining settlement on Disko Island. Sometimes, hunters still use the houses of Qullissat while others use them as holiday homes. It is very nice to walk through the settlement on your own. We will set our Polarcirkel boats on the water and make a landing.

The glacier Eqip Sermia calves icebergs into the open ocean. To day you will have an outstanding opportunity to experience a glacier and sense the true power of nature. We will use the ship's Polarcirkels to go ashore in this beautiful area. If you feel like being more active, you may take a small hike on your own in the area.

Ilulissat means "iceberg" in Greenlandic. This is the third largest town in Greenland, and is set in marvellous surroundings at Ilulissat Icefjord. The area was inscribed to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2004. Enormous icebergs run aground at the mouth of the fjord, just outside of town. They originate from the Jakobshavn Glacier, one of the most productive glaciers in the northern hemisphere. During our stay the Expedition Team will take you on a guided hike to the abandoned settlement of Sermermiut. We also offer variety of optional shore excursions including hikes, town walks and a boat tour to the Icefjord. Subject to availability on the day, a plane or helicopter excursion might be offered last minute on board.

Itilleq means “the hollow”, and as the name suggests the village is situated in a hollow, majestically surrounded by high mountains and glaciers. The Arctic Circle is found only 200 metres to the south. In Itilleq you will be invited for a “kaffemik” which means that you are welcome to visit a local home for coffee, cake and a good chinwag with the owner. We might set up an optional kayak excursion for those interested in exploring the Arctic Circle area from the shore, and there will be a football game where the people from Itilleq play against guests and staff from MS Fram!

Day 11 Kangerlussuaq

Arriving back in Kangerlussuaq your voyage with MS Fram ends. Transfer to airport and flight back to Copenhagen.

2015 Departures

Occupancy Cabin Grades
Inside Superior
Outside Superior
June 13, 2015
June 23, 2015
Twin Price
11367 12092 12092 12817 13543 15175 15900
Single Price
12315 13265 13265 14219 15169 17311 20637

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2016 Pricing

Booking Code

Occupancy Cabin Grades
Inside Superior
Outside Superior
Jun 12, 2016
Jun 22, 2016
Twin Early booking from* 6084 6595 6595 7157 7776 8592 9735
Brochure Price 8038 8719 8719 9469 10294 11383 12907
Single Early booking from* 9918 10813 10813 11797 12879 14308 18500
Brochure Price 13150 14343 14343 15655 17099 19004 24593

*Early booking prices are valid for Voyages booked before August 31, 2015

Included in price:

  • Expedition voyage in cabin grade of your choice.
  • Full board and free tea & coffee.
  • Wind and water-resistant jacket.
  • Landings with Po­larcirkel boats.
  • Activities on board and ashore.
  • Lectures and landings with Expedition Team.
  • Hotel night + breakfast in Copenhagen. Transfer to airport in Copenhagen.
  • Return economy flights Copenhagen and Kangerlussuaq.
  • Transfers and excursion incl. lunch in Kan­gerlussuaq.

Price does not include:

  • International flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Optional excursions and gratueties

Please note:

Hurtigruten has a flexible pricing system and all prices are capacity controlled and subject to availability. Prices may change at any time before departure date. The applicable price will be quoted at the time of booking. Prices are in $ per person.

G-SIS3 Boat Trip to Assaqutaq

Selected dates in 2014/2015
Ports: Sisimiut
Duration: approx. 2 hrs / morning Level: 2 - For most guests, requires some physical effort
Code: G-SIS3
$150per person

Take a boat trip to visit Sisimiut and the abanoned Greenlandic settlements.  Read more

G-SIS4 Hike to Palasip Qaqqaa

Selected dates in 2014/2015
Ports: Sisimiut
Duration: approx. 3-5hours Level: 3 - For guests in good physical condition
Code: G-SIS4
$91per person

Palasip Qaqqaa is a 550m high mountain outside Sisimiut. Enjoy the beautiful green mountains, the pristine air and the crystal clear water. Read more

G-SIS5 A Taste of Greenland

Selected dates in 2014/2015
Ports: Sisimiut
Duration: approx. 1.5 hrs Level: 1 - For everyone
Code: G-SIS5
$96per person

Experience the authentic culture of Greenland through the taste of local food. Read more

G-SIS6 Sightseeing by Bus

Selected dates in 2014/2015
Ports: Sisimiut
Duration: approx. 1.5hrs Level: 1 - For everyone
Code: G-SIS6
$66per person

Sisimiut is a very hilly city. If you want to experience all of Sisimiut in a short time in the comfort of a bus, this is your choice of excursion. Read more

G-JGO1 Qeqertarsuaq Town Walk

Selected dates in 2014/2015
Ports: Qeqertarsuaq
Duration: approx. 1 hr Level: 2 - For most guests, requires some physical effort
Code: G-JGO1
2014: $37
2015: $42per person

Take a walk through the town to experience Qeqertarsuaq, the main settlement on Disko Island. Read more

G-JGO2 Ice Cruise and Whale Safari in Qeqertarsuaq

Selected dates in 2014/2015
Ports: Qeqertarsuaq
Duration: approx 2 hours Level: 1 - For everyone
Code: G-JGO2
$125per person

Journey in a Polarcirkel boat up close to the beautiful giant icebergs with the opportunity to see whales.  Read more

G-JGO3 Hike to the Basaltic Rocks

Selected dates in 2014/2015
Ports: Qeqertarsuaq
Duration: approx 4.5 hours Level: 1 - For everyone
Code: G-JGO3
2014: $42
2015: $46per person

A very long but moderately easy hike, offering definitely some of the prettiest views in all Disko Island. Read more

G-JCH1 Ice Cruise and Whale Safari in Qasiguiannguit

Ports: Qasigiannguit
Duration: approx. 2 hours Level: 1 - For everyone
Code: G-JCH1
$125per person

Imagine the possibility of viewing big icebergs and whales from our Polarcirkel boats! Read more

G-UUM4 Talk With Local People

Ports: Uummannaq
Duration: approx. 1 hr Level: 1 - For everyone
Code: G-UUM4
2014: $37
2015: $41per person

Look forward to talking with a population Uummannaqs. Read more

G-UUM5 Qilakitsoq and Ice Cruising

Ports: Uummannaq
Duration: approx. 2.5hr Level: 1 - For everyone
Code: G-UUM5
$125per person

Qilakitsoq lies across the fjord from Uummannaq and with our Polarcirkel boats we will take you to this historical settlement dating from the era of the Thule Culture. Read more

G-ILU1 Boat Trip to the Ice Fjord

Selected dates in 2014/2015
Ports: Ilulissat
Duration: approx. 2 hrs Level: 1 - For everyone
Code: G-ILU1
$131per person

Ilulissat is renowned for its beautiful and breathtaking Ice Fjord - best experienced from a boat.  Read more

G-ILU3 Hike to Holms Bakke

Selected dates in 2014/2015
Ports: Ilulissat
Duration: approx. 4-5hrs Level: 3 - For guests in good physical condition
Code: G-ILU3
$113per person

After months of winter darkness, it is traditional for the people of Ilulissat to hike to “Holms Bakke” on the 13th January to welcome the sun after the long dark winter.  Read more

G-ILU5 Ilulissat City Walk

Selected dates in 2014/2015
Ports: Ilulissat
Duration: approx. 2 hrs Level: 2 - For most guests, requires some physical effort
Code: G-ILU5
$91per person

Enhance your understanding of the Greenlandic Culture and History with this cultural- historical walk. Read more


This voyages offers you the opportunity to add flights from a selection of major airlines and regional departure airports.

To help you get started, see the air prices and options below. Contact our reservations team at 866-552-0371 to book your Voyage and Air Package. We will provide your flight quote within 24 to 48 hours. All flights and routing subject to aviability at the time of booking. Book early for greater selection and best prices.

USA - Reykjavik Available Gateways and Prices

Gateway from (USD)
JFK $1150
BOS $1150
IAD $1150
SEA $1325
MSP $1299
DEN $1,499

Important information

Areas we explore: North-west Greenland and Disko Bay
Vessel: MS Fram
Sailing Distance: Approx. 1450 nautical miles (2685 kilometres)

Please note: Embarkation/Disembarkation in Kangerlussuaq is by Polarcirkel boats and therefore we regret that these voyages are not suitable for wheelchair users.

Expect the unexpected

Planned landings will depend on weather and ice conditions. We reserve the right to change the scheduled program and itinerary.

Some activities and excursion trips will only be sold on board. Rubber boots are available to rent on board. We recommend purchasing travel insurance.

What to bring:

  • Wind and water resistant trousers
  • Shoes with a good grip sole
  • Warm cap or headband
  • Scarf
  • Gloves/mittens
  • Thermal underwear
  • Warm sweaters/jacket
  • Warm socks
  • Swimsuit
  • Sunscreen/sunglasses
  • Small backpack

Frequently Asked Questions

What language do they speak in Greenland?

Greenland is bilingual where Greenlandic is the main language and Danish the second.

What is the population of Greenland?

The population of Greenland is approx 57,000 with almost 15,000 inhabitants living in the capital Nuuk. The second largest city is Sisimiut (approx 5,000) followed by Ilulissat and Qaqortoq, all situated on the west coast. There are 18 towns and 120 villages in which the rest of the population live. Greenlandic settlements have between 50 – 500 inhabitants.

What is appropriate when interacting with locals?

Please respect the locals by asking them before taking their photographs. Some do not like to have their photo taken. Please do not give candy, gifts or money to the local children unless permission is given by their parents. 

How should we treat the environment we're in?

It is prohibited to pick Arctic flowers as the environment is very vulnerable and the flowering season very short. Please be aware of where you step and remember to follow the paths. It is strictly prohibited to walk into cultural/historical remains. Please follow the instructions of the guide/expedition team. Hurtigruten, as a full member, adheres to theAECO (Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators) guidelines.

What happens in case of a medical emergency?

In case of a medical emergency in Greenland, the only means of evacuation is by airplane/helicopter to the nearest town with a hospital and if they are not able to handle the situation, the patient is sent to Nuuk. This is very expensive and dependent on favourable weather conditions. Therefore, comprehensive travel/health insurance is strongly recommended. Please note that there is a limited number of hospitals in Greenland – only the larger towns have a hospital and the settlements might only have a nurse. It is not possible to have regular visits to the hospital – only for emergencies, as there is a lack of doctors in Greenland.

Is this voyage appropriate for wheelchair users?

In ports where tidal conditions or other circumstances require use of a portable gangway, or during landings with Polarcirkel Boats, there is no possibility to use/take wheelchairs. This means that in order to travel with MS Fram in Greenland, you need to get in and out of the Polarcirkel boat in order to participate in the voyage.

Can we purchase souvenirs on shore?

Please do not purchase anything at the small settlement stores unless very urgently needed goods as these remote areas are not stocked up regularly – some only once or twice a year so the local people depend on these goods. The Home Rule Government of Greenland has made an authenticity stamp guaranteeing that a product is made in Greenland and thus original Greenlandic art. The logo is used in shops offering genuine Greenlandic arts and crafts. According to the Washington convention (CITES), which is a global agreement on the registration trade and transportation of endangered species of wild fauna and flora, a CITES export permit may be required. Please ask for the permit when you buy the item as they are not issued on board or obtainable at a later date.

What weather should I expect?

The average temperature in summer is between 5 to 10 Celsius. It varies between sun, fog and low clouds. There is usually little rain. Time Difference Greenland: GMT - 4 hours / Iceland GMT - 2 hours.

What currency should I bring?

The currency on shore is Danish kroner (DKK). Foreign currencies may be exchanged into local currency at banks but few banks are to be found during our voyages, so it is advisable to bring cash to Greenland in DKK for use ashore. Credit cards are accepted in some places, but not international bank cards. Please note that there is no money exchange service on board.