MS Kong Harald

Ship description

Year of construction: 1993
Ship yard: Volkswerft, Germany
Passenger capacity: 622
Beds: 474
Car capacity: 45
Gross tonnage: 11204
Length: 121.8
Beam: 19.2
Speed: 15
Position now:  60.43 N 5.05 E See ship on map

Web camera

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Named after the King of Norway, this majestic ship also pays tribute to other famous Norwegians and includes the Nansen club bar and Amundsen café.

Although this ship is named after today's King of Norway, Harald, you will find other famous Norwegians on board as well. The bar is named after Nobel Peace Laureate, the Norwegian polar pioneer Fridtjof Nansen, and the café is named after explorer Roald Amundsen. As with MS Richard With, MS Kong Harald was launched in 1993 to mark Hurtigruten's centenary. In the ship's interior you will see decorative details of the King's Crown emblem.