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A small town and the administrative centre of the municipality of Vågsøy, in Sogn and Fjordane County.

Has a population of just over 3,000.

Most of the streets are numbered, rather than named.


Vågsøy has several unique characteristics. In addition to Måløy town centre and its many lighthouses, Vågsøy is known for housing the well-known Kannestenen rock, a stone that has through thousands of years been shaped by the sea into the unique “mushroom-like” shape it is today. Also, for lazy summer days, Vågsøy has a beautiful silver sand beach, which has been named Norway’s most beautiful.

In addition to its local attractions, Måløy is close to several famous National attractions. This charming town is only a two hour drive away from Jostedalsbreen National Park, the largest glacier in continental Europe, and the stunning Geirangerfjorden. 


Måløy was originally founded as a trading center on the small island of Moldøen, on the strait of Ulvesundet between Vågsøy and the mainland. As trade flourished, the town gradually moved to the larger island of Vågsøy, while keeping the name of the smaller island. This is the cause of some confusion, although the smaller island is today often known as "Lisje-Måløyna" (the smaller Måløy).

During World War II, it was used as a German coastal fortress, which led to the eradication of all settlement on the island to make room for the fortress, and as a result of Operation Archery in December 1941. Måløy was first allowed by the municipality to call itself a town in 1997.



6701 Måløy
Telephone: 00 47 57 85 42 00

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