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The largest city in the municipality Møre and Romsdal.

Mostly known for its unique Art Nouveau architecture.

House one of the largest saltwater-aquariums in northern Europe.


Art Nouveau Architecture

Ålesund is the largest city in the municipality Møre and Romsdal, which has a population of approximately 150,000. The city is mostly known for its unique Art Nouveau architecture, a result of a catastrophic fire in 1904 which burnt down the whole city centre. The architects rebuilding the city were young Norwegians inspired by contemporary art and design, and as a result the city arose in Art Nouveau style with some national impulses. Today the city has a unique position in the Norwegian architect history and attracts people from all around the world.

Ålesund Aquarium

Just a few minutes drive away from Ålesund you can find Ålesund Aquarium, one of the largest saltwater-aquariums in northern Europe. The aquarium has been built into the coast line west in Ålesund, offering an opportunity to enjoy close encounters with some of the marine life that can be found in and around the coastal waters of Norway. Every day at 13:00 you can witness a diver hand feed the fish in the largest aquarium tank.

Aksla View Point

This view point is located on Ålesund City Mountain, a perfect place to observe the incredible view of Ålesund’s archipelagos, the city centre and the Sunnmøre Alps. To get there you can choose between walking up 418 stairs, starting from Ålesund City Park, or drive all the way up. The view point houses a café and an outside restaurant for refreshments.


Ålesund has a rich and vibrant history even though the city wasn't granted a city status until 1848. The museum area in old Borgundkaupangen dates back to the Viking era and has given rise to countless excavation discoveries, which are part of the exhibition in the Medieval Museum, Sunnmøre Museum. Borgund was the first village in Sunnmøre, and a major centre for religion, culture and trade. 



Nor Lines AS avd. Ålesund
Skansekaia, Seksjon 2
6001 Ålesund
Telephone: 70 11 82 00 

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